Support For Ukrainian Artists

Are you are an artist, maker or photographer from Ukraine? Do you still live in Ukraine? Are you affected by the dreadful events happening there? Have you been displaced from your home country? Are you prevented from creating and shipping your work? Have you lost access to all your local outlets, maybe even your stock? Do you have a good grasp of English and access to the internet? Maybe I can help a little with my support for Ukrainian Artists initiative?

support for Ukrainian artists

What is happening is truly horrific and unthinkable. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to be living there right now. Simple everyday tasks such as running your art business can be so hard in ordinary times. Now with a war going on, supplies and customers cut off, so much displacement and personal tragedy – the situation must seem almost impossible.

Like so many I want to support Ukraine and its people through this unjust war and beyond. I have a number of online art marketing courses that I have put hundreds of hours into developing. Perhaps there is a small way that I can help with my support for Ukrainian artists initiative?

FREE Online Art Marketing Scholarships

Never Give Up Ukraine Photo by Yura Khomitskyi on Unsplash

If you can demonstrate that you had a craft before all this started that has adversely been affected and think my online art marketing courses could help you start putting your life back together then please contact me for details about my FREE scholarships for Ukraine initiative. My courses will help show you how to get your art, craft and photography to a global market. They will help you to build a strong, sustainable online art business.

I know there are so many obstacles to overcome first. You need to keep you and your family safe. Maybe you need to find somewhere new to live. You need to find new ways to provide for your family in the short term and much more. This isn’t an instant fix I know. It can take 3-5 years to really make your online business thrive but maybe its somewhere to start? If you aren’t creating and shipping right now maybe studying is something you can do? Maybe you can spend time improving your online marketing skills? Maybe you can how to make an artist website, improve your website SEOcreate a mailing list, build a stronger social media presence and more?

All I ask in return is that you continue to promote your Ukrainian art and culture and promote peace. Maybe along the way you might mention Simple Art Marketing and my support for Ukrainian artists initiative!

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