Starting An Online Art Business

Laying The Foundations For Success

Create an online art business with solid foundations that will help you build it better, faster and ready to stand the test of time with my online art business course ‘Laying Foundations Starting An Online Art Business’.

A 3 week easy to follow guide to establish who you are and what you do.  To validate and reframe that to have it resonate better with and therefore attract more customers and to build your business quicker and better by tapping into your competitors experience.

starting an online art business course

My course promise

“In this 3 week starting an online art business course you will go from a place of not knowing where your customers are and what they really want to knowing where to find them so that you can find more of them.

I will take you from not knowing how to best describe you and your products to customers to having a clear understanding of their needs and how to lay out your stall so that it really resonates with them, attracting more of them and enabling you to identify purchasing obstacles and resistance that you will need to overcome.

I will take you from a place of not really knowing where to start with years of trial and error ahead of you to skipping a large section of that by identifying and learning from your competition that have already been through that slow process themselves and are now on the other side.

You will create a firm foundation upon which you can go on to create a website, mailing list, social media, 3rd party sales platforms and other elements to your online art business that will resonate better with your customers and lead to consistent sales that grow year on year.”

Before I tell you more about this insightful course, let me tell you who this is really for …

laying foundations for an online art business

As an artist, maker or photographer you are ready to build a successful online business following simple steps that will attract your audience. You want to understand what is needed to get customers to confidently purchase

You want to be transported to a place where you can build your online presence knowing that what you are building will work and why and with the confidence from talking directly with customers and studying competitors who might already be ahead of you.

This starting an online art business course is for you if …

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You are thinking about setting up a new website

Before racing into the tech, however, you want to invest some time in analysing the business, how it is portrayed, who its customers are, and what they want and what your competitors are already doing

You want to start developing your website from a much stronger starting point so that you develop something that resonates better with your customers, attracts more of the right kind of customers and creates more sales.

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Already selling online but not as well as you want to

You are already selling online through your website or a 3rd party platform but this is not yielding the results you expect. You know something is wrong somewhere but you are not sure exactly what it is.

Before working on SEO and other technical solutions you want to go back to basics. You want to make sure that what you are conveying online is a correct reflection of you and your products. You want to understand your customers better and tweak your website to resonate better with that audience.

As you build your online art business you want to validate what you are doing and improve on it by taking a closer look at competitors who are doing something similar to you but who’s approaches might be a little more advanced based on years of trial and error that you are keen to avoid.

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You need a better idea of who you are selling to

Most of us have seen those business courses where we are told we need a customer avatar and why but who really tells you clearly how to create one? Do you end up with a name, sex age range and income bracket with little more? How does that help you? Is one really enough or do you need one for each customer type?

In this course I want to help you dig deep. Not only will I show you how to find out where your typical customers are hanging out I will help you to learn how to question them to get really detailed insights into them as a customer type so that you can understand their attributes, needs and any obstacles and resistance you are going to have to overcome for them as you build your online presence. 

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You don’t want to reinvent the wheel

Building an online business is tough. Yes people will tell you ‘you just need a website‘ or ‘you just need to set up an online shop on Etsy, Fine Art America or similar’. The truth is, however, whilst this may work for a lucky few who’s work is outstanding, who found themselves in the right place at the right time, who had that lucky break etc – for most of us mere mortals it involves a lot of moving parts and lots of hard work which can seem completely overwhelming.

In this course I want to save you some of that work and reduce a lot of that overwhelm. I want to show you how you can learn from competitors who have already been there, done that, got the T-shirt as they say. Many of them have already been through that hard work, had several years of trial and error to get things right but with an internet that is so transparent it is now easier than ever to find them, study them and learn from them so that you can get to where they are quicker and easier.

If you see yourself here then you are in the right place. In this online art business course I am going to give you the tools, inspiration, knowledge, confidence and support needed to propel you on your journey to start creating a successful online art, craft or photography business that grows year on year.

By the end of this online course you will know …


how to express yourself so that you resonate better with your customers


how to identify your unique selling points to help you stand out from the crowd


what and how many customers types you have and where to find them


how to obtain amazing insights from your customers to help you understand and talk to them better


how to identify and analyse familiar and unfamilar competitors


where best to look for competitors


why you should collaborate with competitors

By the end of this starting an online art business course you will have the confidence to start building your successful online art business knowing that you are pitching it well so that it will resonate well with your customers leading to long term growth and sales.

These modules are essential.

If you don’t have the base and you just start throwing yourself into your website – what are you going to get and who are you going to reach?

The interviews were incredibly eye opening. The modules were incredibly helpful. I thought it was a great start, it was doable, it was exciting!“

Lynn Richards

Mixed Media Artist, California USA

Laying Foundations Starting An Online Art Business

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So what’s inside my art business course?

My online art business course ‘Laying Foundations Starting An Online Art Business‘ is broken down into 3 modules . It is run over 3 weeks with a new module being released each week. Here is a short taster of what you should expect in each module.

drawing art

Module 1: Who are you and what do you do?

In our first module we will dig deep into who you are and what you do. Understanding this well and being able to present it well to your customers in everything you do is an essential part of building your online business. Defining it clearly helps create that invisible bridge between what you do and what your customers want and will provide a source of material for everything that you create in this and other courses. We will dig deep into


    • defining who you are
    • defining what you do
    • identifying your unique selling points
    • testing your products
art gallery

Module 2: Who is your ideal customer?

In this module we will look at various tools that will give you some insights into your customers – where they are, their age, sex, buying habits and so on then we will dig much deeper. We will look at how you can approach your leads and customers to interview them, present them with polls and surveys and so on to get a much better idea of what they like and want which will put you in a much stronger position to align your products with that and save you so much time finding out the hard way. Once your products resonate more with your customers you will be able to sell to them much more easily. We will cover


    • how to identify your ideal customer group(s) and type(s)
    • where and how to find your ideal customers
    • what you already know about your customers
    • what to ask your customers and how
    • review module 1 based on these findings

Module 3: Don’t reinvent the wheel – improve it!

Today it is easier than ever to study your competitors. Not only can you find out what products they are making, how they present them and sell them you can even see how many of them they are selling and what customers are saying about them.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel building your online business. I will to show you how to identify competitors who have done all the hard work before you so that you can learn from what they have done already then put your own unique spin on it. In the final module of this online art business course we will cover


    • identifying and analysing some familiar competitors
    • exploring further with some unfamiliar competitors
    • identifying and analysing competitors in 3rd party platforms
    • talking to your competitors and collaborating
    • review module 1 again in light of recent findings

Analysing what you do and examining it afresh is an important part. Thinking afresh is a useful exercise.

It’s an examination of your business and maybe seeing as a result that others see it in a different way.

It’s background and making you think about your business in a way that you might not have done before, before going on to the next big step.”

Derrick Armitage

Mixed Media and Digital Artist, Scotland UK

Enrol and you will get …

3 Implementation Modules explaining key processes needed to lay strong foundations upon which to build your online business with confidence

Over 2 hours of comprehensive video tutorials plus supporting audio and PDF documents, templates and tools

Optional access to a members only Facebook group where you can discuss course content with me and other students throughout the course

Lifetime access to the course so that you can go at your own pace if you prefer and come back time and time again

You will be given access to one new module per week – so that you have ample time to concentrate on the lessons in that module and implement that section BEFORE moving onto the next module.

I do this to protect your time, attention and focus. I want to prevent intense overwhelm some of you might already be feeling and keep things simple and manageable.

BONUS (Scheduled Course ONLY)

3 weeks of live Q&A clinic sessions with me inside my course private members only Facebook area

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes while I answer your questions and go over points that you are struggling with

What You’ll Get

3 live Q&A sessions to make sure I answer your burning questions so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence

An active and supportive Facebook community with fellow students so that you can support each other during the course and share your own experience and ideas with myself visiting and engaging with the group daily

A space to overcome isolation and help motivate you through contact with fellow students doing what you are doing, understand the obstacles and struggles and want to help you complete your journey successfully

After 3 weeks inside my online art business course Facebook group you will be moved to a private past students group where you can continue to have contact and support each other into the future

I thought I didn’t need a lot of the course – but I did!.

Don’t assume that you know stuff. Dig deep and the materials really help you to do that.

I liked the development of ‘what we do’. I was very naive when I went into this and I thought you just create a website and suddenly people turn up and look at it and buy stuff. No – it’s not like that!

There is a lot of effort involved in doing the course but it’s a very valuable experience. All the pointers you gave were fabulous. It was really helpful to have so much direction.

Angela Roberts

Embroidery & Textile Artist, Cheshire UK

Laying Foundations Starting An Online Art Business

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Scheduled Course

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Burning questions people ask before enrolling

Will this course teach me how to build a website?

This course is not designed to teach you how to build a website. This course is not technical at all. It is about doing your research before you build your website so that when you do build it it will be much stronger and will work so much harder for you because you have built it around your customers and what they need and inspires them and you will have learnt from others that have gone before you.

How much time is needed for the course?

The amount of time needed to spend on the course very much depends on you and how well you want to do it. There are just over 2 hours worth of video to watch over 3 weeks but that is not where your time will go. Your time will go into performing the exercises that are introduced to you in the videos.

Many of us have busy lives and are juggling online courses like this around earning a living, looking after children and so on. Most of my courses are designed with a ballpark commitment of around 7 hours per week for the duration of the course to give you plenty of time for other things. That is an average amount of time.

In this course I teach you how to interview typical customers types. You might choose to interview 6 people for this exercise, however, if you choose to interview 12 instead of 6 to gain more insight in this area or because you have more elements to your business you might spend twice as much time here. You might do a good job interviewing a single customer in 30 minutes or you might decide to do a much more thorough job and take up to an hour per customer, do 12 instead of 6 interviews and you can see how the time can add up.

Think of this an an important investment of time in your business but don’t worry about how quickly you can do the course. Yes it might help to complete it in the time allocated, however, you have lifetime access to the course material.

I am worried I will not be able to cope with the technology?

This course is not about building anything with technology. It is about research. You will need to use technology to do your research but only tools that you use every day such as your internet browser.

Can I have access to the entire course right away?

I deliberately release the content of the course slowly over the period of 3 weeks a module at a time each week. This isn’t to make things difficult for you this is actually a technique to avoid overwhelm, to help you stay focused and on track and to help you pace yourself. It also helps keep people together as they move forward and support each other in my ‘scheduled’ version of the course.

Many online courses have a reputation for people not completing them and this technique is designed to minimise the chance of that. Some people might be able to complete it in less than 3 weeks and some may take longer but 3 weeks is considered a reasonable time for everyone to fit it into their busy lives but still be able to give it the attention it requires.

But don’t worry if you go over. Some of you will but you will have lifetime access to the material so you will still be able to finish it in your own time.

Will there be any further costs during the course?

No there will not be any further costs involved in this course. Once you have completed it, however, you are strongly advised to consider my ‘Building A High Converting Art Website’ course.

What if it doesn't work?

That is a negative self limiting thought process that you need to reframe! Every time you hear yourself say that whether it is during this course or any other aspect of your online business you need to replace that thought with ‘But what if it DOES WORK?‘.

This course will give you everything you need to get started or improve what you are doing. It is, however, a journey along which you will need to pick up further new skills, processes, technologies and so on. This course is not the final destination. I will continue to create further free content to help you along that journey as well as paid courses and there are so many resources available to help you elsewhere too. It will work if you want it to and believe it will and choose to discover and link together all the necessary steps in that journey.

Don’t let any self limiting beliefs get in your way. Focus on where you want to be then use the tools available to get you there. 

contact simple art marketing

I cannot wait to guide you over these next 3 weeks …

Building a successful only business involves many steps. The first step in building anything is to build strong foundations and your successful online art business is no exception. Join me here to do this and get the basics right first before getting involved in the technical details of building a strong website, mailing list and social media presence later. Get to know yourself and your customers better so that you have a better idea of what to build later that will really resonate with customers in my starting an online art  business course.

I look forward to meeting you personally within the course.

Laying Foundations Starting An Online Art Business

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Scheduled Course

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