Laying Foundations For A Successful Online Art Business

Creating a strong online presence that creates a successful online art business doesn’t start by sitting down at a computer and creating a website or online shop. Much more is needed before but is so often overlooked. This course is designed to get you to take a closer look at yourself and your online business ideas, a closer look at your customers and how they will perceive you. It will get you to adjust things so that the two resonate more closely and then look at what your competitors have already done before you so that you can learn from them as you lay strong foundations that will resonate and are tried and tested saving you time, effort and lots of unnecessary mistakes.


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This course is designed to help you lay the foundations upon which to build a successful online art business. It is aimed at artists, makers and photographers about to create a new website and online presence or those who already have a presence and want to take a step back and reanalyse what they do and what customers want so that they can structure their online business so that it resonates better with their customers which will ultimately lead to improved sales.

The course will not only dig deep into making you think about how you perceive your business it will show you useful techniques that you can employ to get much more feedback from your customers and show you techniques to explore the wealth of competitor information available online that can help you to avoid reinventing the wheel and therefore grow your online business much quicker.

Lessons include

Who Are You and What Do You Do?

  • whats in a name
  • what do you do
  • what are your unique selling points
  • have you tested your products

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

  • identifying ideal customer groups and types
  • where and how to find your ideal customers
  • what do you know already
  • what to ask your customers and how
  • confirm results and review

Don't Reinvent The Wheel Improve It

  • identify and analyse some familiar competitors
  • identify and analyse some unfamiliar competitors
  • identify and analyse competitors on 3rd party platforms
  • don't compete collaborate
  • confirm results and review

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