Etsy Shop Review

Let me look at your Etsy shop with fresh eyes. I will analyse what is working well and what needs attention. I will identify simple mistakes you are making that are costing you visitors and sales and show you how to put them right.



In this review I will take you from a place of uncertainty where you are wondering why people are not visiting or purchasing in sufficient numbers in your Etsy shop and not knowing what to do about it to a place where you can understand those reasons. I will help you to find and overcome them. I will show you how to put measurements in place that will help you understand your progress and focus your attention better on what you need to work on. I will show you

  • metrics about how your Etsy shop is currently performing
  • I will show you where you are missing things to tweak things to bring more visitors
  • I will show you how to monitor conversions from visitors to sales and how to increase it
  • I will show you how to learn from some of your competitors on Etsy
  • I will show you how to dig deeper with software tools to help you
  • the review will include a 1 hour Zoom session with you
  • following the review a written PDF file will be provided with your results


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