Artist Mailing List Setup

Do you need a mailing list for your art business but don’t know where to start? Which platform should you use? How do you set it up? How do you get people to join the mailing list? How do you retain them? How do you connect it to your website and social media? What kind of emails should you send and when? How do you make it look professional?

It is so easy to put it off but let me take the mystery away for you and set it up for you so that you don’t have to struggle through it yourself then let me give you some valuable advice to send you on your way as you grow your business with repeat customers.


Do you have a mailing list to communicate with your customers and potential customers? If you don't you certainly need one if you want to grow your art business with repeat customers and should take a look at my artist mailing list setup service.

You might be thinking you already talk to your followers on social media but do you realise that these days less than 5% of your followers are likely to see anything that you put out! You have to post far more often if you want to reach most of your followers but post the same message too many times and you risk unfollows. This is all because social media companies filter your content and want you to advertise to get your messages through so that they can make money.

Mailing lists avoid that. If you write to people on your mailing list your messages are much more likely to get through. Open rates in excess of 70% are not unusual because your messages are not filtered by an algorithm so it makes much more sense if you want to communicate effectively. Checkout my social media vs mailing list blog to read more.

Setting up a mailing list can seem daunting at first if you have never used one. Where do you start? Which platform do you use? What do you send and when and who do you send it to? Why would people want to sign up? How do you get them to sign up? What about GDPR? It might not be as familiar as social media but trust me when you are able to answer these questions and grow a big enough list it can be often be much more effective so let me set it up for you and give you an introduction into how to get going. If you still aren't convinced check out some of my mailing list blog posts.


Artist Mailing List Setup Key Features

  • Create a mailing list with Mailchimp
  • Import existing contacts permanently or for a onetime mailing
  • Integrate a signup form within your website
  • Add a popup form to your website to increase signups
  • Add compelling reasons to sign up
  • Colour signup forms to blend in with your branding and website
  • Ensure that your mailing list is GDPR compliant
  • Create a branded welcome email for new signups
  • Create a branded 1st newsletter template
  • Provide up to a couple of hours face to face or remote training


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