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planning social media giveaways

Why Should Planning Social Media Giveaways Be On Your Radar This Year?

2020 has of course been quite an unusual year for everyone and hopefully you have recently reviewed your previous year. If not you might want to take a look at 139 – Art Business Annual Review. Following your review you should be planning for things that you can do or change this year to help improve things. Planning social media giveaways is an essential item.

One of the things that I am constantly reminding customers is how important their lists (social media and mailing lists) were to them in 2020. It is important to continue to grow these going forward as they are the backbone of a strong sustainable online art, craft or photography business that grows year on year.

lucy gell instagram giveaway

There are many ways to grow them. You can read about several ways in my 20 Best Ways To Grow Your Art Following PDF guide. I recommend you download this if you have not already done so. One thing mentioned in there is social media giveaways. The document mentions giveaways along with several other growth techniques. Also take a look at 71 – How To Run An Instagram Giveaway and posts connected to that one.

I suggest you read the post above if you are not already aware of what a social media giveaway is. What I want to get over today is why planning some this year is more important than ever. If you are quick you might even be able to enter Lucy’s giveaway!

It Is Harder Than Ever To Grow Social Media Through Posting Alone Now

Over recent months there have been many changes in social media particular Instagram. Many of these changes are discussed in my recent post 134 – Why Has Instagram Engagement Declined Recently. As a result of these changes there are fewer eyes on your posts. This means that you need to do additional things to gain momentum that you might previously have enjoyed by simply posting regularly. Some people are continuing to grow their social media well by doing new things. Many who aren’t, however, have found their growth rates declining over the last couple of years.

lucy gell printmaker giveaway

Giveaways For Social Media Growth

One really effective technique to employ to grow your social media following is an Instagram giveaway. Many successful Instagram accounts run multiple giveaways every year and these play a major part in their growth strategy. Make following you a rule of entry as well as mentioning your account to others in the giveaway comments. If you then follow my Instagram giveaway strategy in 71 – How To Run An Instagram Giveaway you are sure to bring a wave of new followers in.

Mailing List Growth Reduced Due To Fewer Live Events

Social media is an effective tool for attracting new leads to your business. Ultimately, however, you want those people to be on your mailing list. Your mailing list is a much more direct connection to them. It is not filtered by an algorithm that is continually changing like the Instagram algorithm. You own your mailing list and it is a private space to chat with your customers and potential customers. It is not a rented space like social media that contains so many distractions from your competition and filtering from the platform itself.

cancelled art events

Over recent years you have probably been doing lots of shows, exhibitions and workshops. You have probably been using them to get lots of new names for your mailing list so that you can grow the online side of your business. Due to the pandemic, however, much of this has stopped and the months ahead are still very uncertain. This means that many people’s mailing list growth has stalled, or even declined.

Giveaways For Mailing List Growth

Don’t let this happen to you. Mailing list growth is essential to your business growth. Planning social media giveaways throughout 2021 will significantly help to grow your mailing list either directly by making signing up to your mailing list a rule of entry or indirectly as a biproduct of new people following you on social media then signing up later.

Beware, however, that everyone will not be comfortable enough with giving you an email address right away. They will want to get to know, like and trust you first. They might prefer to do that by following you on social media first before opting into your email list some time later. This may mean that less people enter your giveaway if you make this a rule of entry. Mailing list contacts are approximately 10 times more valuable than social media followers so don’t let this deter you from mixing things up a little. Maybe consider alternating between mailing list growth giveaway then a social media growth giveaway for example. You might even aim for the best of both worlds with a ‘bonus entry‘ for signing up to your mailing list as well as following you on social media!

When To Plan Your Social Media Giveaways

So when should you run your giveaways? Aim to do at least 4 giveaways every year and perhaps have a goal of doing one in each quarter. Have a look at your sales figures from last year as discussed in 139 – Art Business Annual Review. Then do some planning as detailed in 140 – Art Business Goal Planning. Did you see any patterns evolving in your review? With many of my own customers there are often lulls in sales towards the end of the summer early September. Things then pick up again for Christmas. Other lulls are often seen in January after Christmas (although this year with lockdown January has been booming for many). You might have other strategies such as workshops or other things for those times but why not stimulate interest in you and your products with a giveaway at that time.

Another time when a giveaway comes in really useful is immediately preceding another campaign. If you plan to run a summer sale, for example, run a giveaway immediately it. That will raise awareness ahead of the sale and generate lots of new followers and signups so that your sale efforts get seen by many more people. This means that your efforts therefore go so much further. If you are planning a Christmas marketing campaign, do a similar thing then. Warm people up with a giveaway immediately before that then launch straight into your Christmas marketing on the back of it.

How Have Things Changed Recently?

I have been back to my giveaway posts above recently to update them from when they were originally written. I have mentioned a few things you might need to think about now that might not have been covered in the original posts. These have listed a few of those below for easy reference which you should consider when planning social media giveaways.

The Power Of Social Media Stories

The first is to think about the power of story sharing. In asking someone to mention to a friend to enter the draw you get one potential new lead. Think about stories though – if people share your giveaway on a story how many more people is that mentioning to? Really push this in your giveaway. Offer people a bonus entry for sharing your giveaway in their stories. Make it easy for them by even providing a graphic you would like them to share. Push it even harder by offering 2 or 3 bonus entries per story share. Stories are a bit like asking people to join your email list. The result is very powerful for you but not everyone will be comfortable with doing it. Gauge your own audience and add it as a bonus rather than compulsory rule if that is where your audience is.

The Power Of Video In Social Media

Video has become so important recently. So many more people can now access it. It is so much easier to create it and algorithms are promoting video so much harder. The moving image has so much more power to capture peoples attention as they scroll by so you need to work hard to create moving images as much as possible throughout your giveaway to grab peoples attention.

The Power Of Reels In Social Media

Reels didn’t exist when I did my first posts of giveaways. They are now so popular and being promoted so heavily by the Instagram algorithm. Consider using reels as both another way to promote your giveaway and to encourage people onto your mailing list so that they get to hear about future giveaways and promotions. Reels are permanent unlike stories which online last for 24 hours and the Instagram algorithm is really favouring reels right now in order to grow that area.

Collaborations When Planning Social Media Giveaways

Giveaways can be a lot of work to do well so consider doing a mixture of your own as well as collaborations with others. Find other accounts that complement you and your products so that you can share your resources and share your audiences. Collaborations are a way to share the workload as different people can create the graphics, texts, stories, video etc to be used. The group can then share it on their own feeds. From a consumer point of view they have appeal because they are being introduced to more new accounts and there is a much bigger prize pot in the giveaway.

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I am getting close to announcing the launch of my new Simple Art Marketing Academy online course in a few weeks time. I will be using a giveaway myself to help create some excitement ahead of the course and one lucky winner will be able to win a free course! There will be a short window to enter this when I run it so if you are not already on my mailing list sign up now to hear more about this when it happens and to receive other exclusive content, news, discounts and promotions.

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