Marketing Your Art


marketing your art

Do you need help marketing your art, craft or photography? If you want to do as much as possible yourself then you might prefer to start with one of my art marketing online courses.

If you need a more personal tailored approach, however, you might be more interested in my art marketing services below. Let me answer your burning questions. Allow me to look at your current progress in detail and make recommendations. Let me help with the lions share of technical setup while you spend more time where you want to be – in your studio!

Website Design

website design

If you don’t have the time or feel it would be too difficult to create a website yourself using my How To Make An Artist Website¬†or Simple Art Marketing Academy online course then let me create it for you. Different options are available in this art website design service depending on your requirements and budget.

Mailing List Setup

mailing list setup

Don’t know where to start setting up your mailing list? Let me set one up for you. I will create a mailing list, add a sign up form to add to your existing website. I will create a popup form to attract more visitors to your website, a welcome email to welcome new sign ups and a template in your branding to use for your newsletters.

Reviews & Audits

art business reviews audits

How is your current online presence working for you? Do you need a fresh set of eyes to look at your website, your social content, your mailing list, Etsy shop? Let me take a look for you with an Etsy Shop Review.


art marketing consultancy hour

Do you have lots of things you would like to look at? I can provide consultancy by the day or by the hour. Distance is no object for my art marketing services. We can talk on Zoom and share screens to look at all aspects of your online art, craft or photography business. We can look at what works for you and what we can improve to make it work better for you.

In addition to these services designed to help you marketing your art I have a whole range of comprehensive online art marketing courses to help you too!

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