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Sell More Art Online With ‘Simple Art Marketing Academy’

Save a fortune and create an amazing online presence that gets your work seen and sold. My ‘Simple Art Marketing Academy’ course takes marketing for artists to the next level.

A step by step, 14 week easy to follow guide to building a strong, sustainable art, craft or photography online business that grows year on year.

marketing for artists online course

My course promise

“In this 14 week online marketing for artists course you will go from not knowing where and how to find your customers online to knowing where to find them and how to attract them. You will begin to feel confident about what tools to use to create a compelling online presence and how to use them.

You will grow your customers and create an online art business that starts to generate consistent sales using tried and tested easy to follow marketing for artists methods and grows year on year.”

Before I tell you more about this life changing course, let me tell you who this is really for …

learn to market your art online

You are an artist, maker or photographer. You are passionate and love to create but lack the confidence or knowledge to take it further. You feel overwhelmed by technology you need to use. Marketing is not your strength or what you enjoy. You are worried about the cost and the hard work to get your work seen and bought.

You are ready to build a profitable online business following simple steps that will attract your audience. You want to understand what is needed to get customers to confidently purchase.

You want to be transported to a place where you will feel confident and enjoy your work more with less worry and a clearer marketing for artists roadmap of what you need to be doing to achieve that.

You want to understand the tech and feel confident using it. You want to become confident with your marketing. You want to focus on what makes the difference so that you can invest less time to achieve better results.

Your time is precious. You want to overcome the struggle and feelings of chaos and uncertainty and take back control so you have more time available, feel more organised and spend less time doing the things you don’t want to. You want a marketing for artists plan that shows you what you need to focus on and financial security that gives you more freedom.

online marketing course for artists and photographers

This course is for you if …

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You are selling well in person but new to internet selling

You are already selling successfully at shows, exhibitions and galleries but have seen your income decimated by the recent pandemic. You have realised that you need to be online too to open up extra income streams and provide more security.

It is a change of direction, it feels so different and takes you out of your comfort zone. You feel overwhelmed by the tech and feel like you are starting again despite many years of experience.

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You are already selling online but not as well as you want to

Your efforts are not yielding the results you want and you don’t know what to do to change that. You sell well at shows, exhibitions and galleries so it’s not your product. You feel it is time to sell more direct, frustrated by the costs of shows, high gallery commissions, constant weekends on the road away from family.

You are doubting the effectiveness of online selling wondering whether it actually works. You want to be able to work out what is wrong and how to put things right so that you can move forward with confidence and sell your work the way you want to sell it.

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You are trying to balance work with parenting

You have short days and you want to balance looking after young children with a flexible art business from home that can be tailored around family commitments. You feel that you don’t have the time, energy or focus to make a success of it and feel in a constant state of chaos and compromise.

You long for a good work life balance centered around your family but find it a constant struggle. You need a clear marketing for artists roadmap so that you can use your limited time wisely and effectively on developing a successful business whilst still balancing everything else.

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You want to quit your day job to go full time

In another job already but want to take your art hobby more seriously. Your mind is a mixture of excitement held back by limiting thoughts such as ‘is my work good enough’, ‘will people like it enough to buy it’, ‘what if it doesn’t work’ etc.

You don’t want to give up your day job until you can prove that your art business is capable of providing the level of security you need to make that jump and need something to focus your limited spare time on ways to do that.

If you see yourself here then you are in the right place. In my online marketing for artists course I am going to give you the tools, inspiration, knowledge, confidence and support needed to propel you on your journey to creating a successful online art, craft or photography business that grows year on year.

By the end of this course you will have learnt …


what to sell and know how to sell it


online purchase habits and obstacles to overcome


secrets from competitors without reinventing the wheel


a clear understanding of technology needed, optionscosts and feel empowered to make good decisions


how to build a well structured, easily found, easy to use and visually appealing website


how to create a mailing list at the core of your business to grow your customers, relationships and repeat sales


a better understanding of social media and how it can help grow your business

By the end of this online marketing for artists course your will have the knowledge of what is required to create a compelling online presence that will attract customers, provide an engaging experience and convert to consistent online sales


Definitely too cheap! The course contained a lot more content than expected. The step by step videos and visuals were really good and very easy to follow.

Almost too much value for money!

Antonia Glynn Jones

Abstract Artist, Buckinghamshire UK

Simple Art Marketing Academy – Marketing For Artists

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So what’s inside my course?

My ‘Simple Art Marketing Academy‘ marketing for artists course is broken down into 12 modules . It is run over 12 weeks with a new module being released each week. Here is a short taster of what you should expect in each module.

Starting An Online Art Business

Laying The Foundations For Success

marketing for artists laying foundations

Module 1: Who are you and what do you do?

In our first module we will dig deep into who you are and what you do. Understanding this well and being able to present it well to your customers in everything you do is an essential part of building your online business. Defining it clearly helps create that invisible bridge between what you do and what your customers want and will provide a source of material for everything that you create during the rest of the course. We will dig deep into


    • defining who you are
    • defining what you do
    • identifying your unique selling points
    • testing your products
who is your customer

Module 2: Who is your ideal customer?

In this module we will look at various tools that will give you some insights into your customers – where they are, their age, sex, buying habits and so on then we will dig much deeper. We will look at how you can approach your leads and customers to interview them, present them with polls and surveys and so on to get a much better idea of what they like and want which will put you in a much stronger position to align your products with that and save you so much time finding out the hard way. Once your products resonate more with your customers you will be able to sell to them much more easily. We will cover


    • how to identify your ideal customer group(s) and type(s)
    • where and how to find your ideal customers
    • what you already know about your customers
    • what to ask your customers and how
    • review module 1 based on these findings
research your art market

Module 3: Don’t reinvent the wheel – improve it!

With today’s technology it is easier than ever to study your competitors. Not only can you find out what products they are making, how they present them and sell them you can even see how many of them they are selling and what customers are saying about them.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel building your online business. I am going to show you how to identify competitors who have done all the hard work before you so that you can learn from what they have done already then put your own unique spin on it. In this module we will cover


    • identifying and analysing some familiar competitors
    • identifying and analysing some unfamiliar competitors
    • identifying and analysing competitors in 3rd party platforms
    • talking to your competitors and collaborating
    • review module 1 again in light of recent findings

How To Make An Artist Website

To Sell Art, Craft & Photography

create a welcoming online art shop

Module 4: Website design fundamentals

Before we start looking at designing some website pages we will look at some of the basics that come before that such as choosing an internet service provider (ISP), a website domain name and where to host your website if you do not already have one. Then we will introduce some website design software and explore some design fundamentals to get you ready to start building a website in the next module.


    • choosing an internet service provider
    • choosing a domain name
    • registering your website hosting
    • the WordPress dashboard
    • secure website pages
    • the DIVI theme
    • design fundamentals
    • choosing fonts
    • choosing colours
    • using themes for inspiration
build an appealing website to market your art online

Module 5: Building your first art website pages

In this module we will concentrate on building some of the simpler pages such as ‘about‘, ‘contact‘ and ‘gallery‘ to get started. If you already have a website and are happy using your existing tools that’s fine you will hopefully learn lots about website design theory and how to put it into practice whatever your website tools. If you are starting from the beginning, however, I will take you step by step through everything. In this module we will cover


    • creating a website structure
    • creating a menu
    • creating a header and footer
    • creating an ‘about‘, ‘contact‘ and ‘gallery‘ / ‘portfolio‘ page
using ecommerce to purchase art online

Modules 6: Ecommerce and supporting pages (part 1)

In this first module in our ecommerce section we will take a look at some popular ecommerce software and install it if necessary. We will then look at setting our stall out in terms of grouping products into ranges and subranges. We will look at how essential photography is for selling online and how we can make it better. We will look at how to easily create lifestyle images and manipulate digital images before creating our first product page. Next we will dig deeper into products looking at product variants and shipping costs and importing products from other systems.  In this module we will cover


  • introduction to store software / Woocommerce
  • product ranges, subranges and tags
  • photography essentials
  • using lifestyle images
  • more on image size and manipulation
  • creating a strong product page
  • using product variants
  • using shipping costs effectively
  • importing products from other systems

Module 7: Ecommerce and supporting pages (part 2)

In module 7 we take ecommerce to the next level designing our shopping cart, checkout, account and shop pages. We look at some marketing techniques to increase sales and look at additional information you can include to increase customer confidence. We complete this section by creating a strong homepage to create a good first impression. In this module we will cover


  • your shopping cart
  • your checkout page
  • your account area page
  • your shop page
  • using upsells and cross-sells
  • supporting information pages
  • shipping and delivery dates
  • the power of testimonials and reviews
  • your processes pages
  • creating a strong homepage

SEO For Artist Websites

Search Engine Optimisation To Increase Visitors


better online marketing for artists with SEO

Module 8: Search engine optimisation (SEO) (part 1)

It is all very well creating a lovely looking website but it wont generate sales if you don’t bring visitors to it. One of the main ways to bring visitors to your website is through SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO involves you building things into your website pages that tell search engines like Google what your page is about so that it will rank higher (appear first) in results when people search for pages like them. What at first seems like a black art is broken down into simple steps and clearly explained for you so that you can take advantage of this free advertising tool! In this module we will cover


    • what is SEO and why is it so important
    • using keyword research to increase visitors
    • learning from competitor keywords
    • using Google Keyword Planner tool
    • using Google Trends tool

Module 9: Search engine optimisation (SEO) (part 2)

Having learnt the basic theory of SEO and some tools to help you with it in the previous module you should now have a potential list of keywords to use on your website. In this module we will look at


    • can you rank on page 1 on Google
    • how to validate your keywords
    • how to optimise your website pages with your keywords

Going Live

marketing for artists to take off

Module 10: Going live

This is the week you have been building up to. This is the week it all gets real! But there are a few final things to put in place before you go live. You need to test everything works before and after going live and then there are a few simple tools that you need to put in place that will help now and further down the line for you.

Your website needs to be able to take payments securely, have been tested thoroughly and be connected to a number of services that will make it much easier for you to ensure it is working well for you now and into the future. In this module we will cover


    • connecting to a payment service provider
    • desktop, tablet and mobile  testing
    • checking for broken links
    • redirecting old website pages
    • page load speed
    • going live
    • setting up email
    • installing Google Console
    • installing Google Analytics
    • using tracking metrics

How To Build An Artist Mailing List

Build Trust To Increase New & Repeat Sales

marketing for artists using email

Module 11: Harnessing the power of a mailing list

In this module we will look at why an ‘owned’ mailing list is essential at the core of your online art, craft or photography business and how you can create consistent list growth which will result in consistent sales growth with much more stability than social media. I will explain how to set one up and different ways to attract people to sign up to your mailing list.

I will explain how you need to regularly ‘nurture’ this mailing list rather than ‘sell to it’ so that you create high levels of engagement with the list so that when you do want to sell to it your audience will be so much more receptive. In this module we will cover


    • why you need an email list
    • choosing a mailing list provider
    • creating a Mailchimp account
    • connecting your list to your store
    • creating a sign up form
    • creating a welcome email
    • importing an existing list
    • ways to get people to sign up
    • adding a popup form
    • writing good newsletter content
    • using tracking metrics
    • backing up your email list
    • pruning your email list

Social Media For Artists

Make Social Media Work Harder For You

marketing for artists using social media

Module 12: Using social media effectively

Building a mailing list is slow and steady but can be much more predictable and should be at the core of your business. Social media, on the other hand, whilst being somewhat less predictable and less controlled can produce rapid spurts of growth and can help fuel traffic to your mailing list and website and should also play a big part in your marketing processes.

But where do you start? There are so many platforms and so many features in each platform. How do you find your customers? What do you talk about? How do you overcome the overwhelm and use your time wisely to create steady growth. I will share a few ways that you can do this. In this module we will cover


    • why do social media companies exist
    • why is social media so important
    • which social platform(s) to choose
    • profiles convert followers
    • social media features
    • getting to know your followers
    • planning social media content
    • using hashtags effectively
    • best time to post
    • useful tools for social media
    • batching and scheduling
    • linking from social media
    • linking to social media and sharing content
    • repurposing content
    • growth techniques
    • pruning your social following
    • social media metrics
    • part of a bigger plan

The course was detailed and comprehensive

It probably had a lot more in it than any of us anticipated. It was good, I enjoyed it, I thought it represented good value for money.”

Derrick Armitage

Mixed Media and Digital Artist, Scotland UK

Enrol during my limited enrolment period and you will get …

12 Implementation Modules explaining all the online marketing for artists processes needed to create a strong online business

A complete step by step plan showing you what tools you need to put into place and how to do it

Over 30 hours of comprehensive video tutorials plus supporting audio and PDF documents, templates and tools

Optional access to a members only Facebook group where you can discuss course content with me and other students throughout the course

Lifetime access to the course so that you can go at your own pace if you prefer and come back time and time again

You will be given access to one new module per week – so that you have ample time to concentrate on the lessons in that module and implement that section BEFORE moving onto the next module.

I do this to protect your time, attention and focus. I want to prevent intense overwhelm some of you might already be feeling and keep things simple and manageable.

Plus these bonuses to help create unstoppable momentum right through the course

BONUS 01 (Scheduled Course ONLY)

12 weeks of live Q&A clinic sessions with me inside my course private members only Facebook area

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes while I answer your questions and go over points that you are struggling with

What You’ll Get

12 live Q&A sessions to make sure I answer your burning questions about online marketing for artists so that you can move forward with clarify and confidence

An active and supportive Facebook community with fellow students so that you can support each other during the course and share your own experience and ideas with myself visiting and engaging with the group daily

A space to overcome isolation and help motivate you through contact with fellow students doing what you are doing, understand the obstacles and struggles and want to help you complete your journey successfully

After 12 weeks inside my course Facebook group you will be moved to a private past students group where you can continue to have contact and support each other into the future


20 best ways to grow your art following

Learn 20 of my top tips to quickly grow your mailing list and social media audience to help get your online art business off the ground

What you’ll get

A 9 page PDF guide with 20 great growth tips learn simple techniques that you can use throughout your business to encourage new subscribers and followers that will help to grow your business and generate repeat sales

Online techniques learn how to interact better with people online to get them to subscribe and follow you

Offline techniques learn how you can encourage more subscribers and followers for your online business whilst interacting with them in person at shows and exhibitions, through galleries and by post


12 weeks free access to

Canvy Room Mockup Software

Impress your potential buyers with stunning in situ photos of your art

What You’ll Get

12 weeks free access to the Pro version of Canvy Room Mockup software. Use this amazing browser based software that allows you to upload your workframe it then place it at scale in over 250 rooms.

Not only that you then get to change colours and textures of walls and colours of objects in the room so no two images are the same and your work blends flawlessly with the room. I have used this software first hand helping on the beta team, creating room mockups for customers and now teaching it on my Simple Art Marketing Academy marketing for artists online course.

Get to use it for free for the duration of the course (normal price $45) with the option to sign up at $15pm or $108pa later if you like it as much as I do! Use anything you create within the 12 weeks forever!


Where you can sell online training

Learn some of the most popular places you can sell your art, craft or photography online in this bonus marketing for artists training. Look at each of the platforms and analyse the pros and cons of each and how to create the right mix in your business

What you’ll get

So where can you sell your work online? There are so many options, but where do you start? In this 45 minute training I will explain the two different platform types – ie owned platforms verses rented platforms. I will explain what each is, the pros and cons and why you should focus on your owned platform first and place it at the core of your business from the beginning before looking at the rented platforms and how you should spread the risk amongst rented platforms rather than put all your eggs in 1 basket.

We will look at selecting just the ones that are most suited to how you want to do business rather than hitting them all and spreading yourself too thinly and not doing any of them well!

I never expected this level of detail,

you cover absolutely everything one needs to start selling your work online – and MORE and I haven’t even finished yet! Exceptionally good value for every pound spent.

From my educational experience I feel that the amount of detail, areas of study and themes covered equates with a qualification like a level 1 NVQ or similar.”

Pam Smart

Fine Artist, Derbyshire UK

Simple Art Marketing Academy – Marketing For Artists

Scheduled Course

6 Monthly Payments Of


Buy NOW pay monthly

On Demand Course

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Scheduled Course

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Plus you’ll be backed by a risk free 30 day guarantee

By the end of the first 30 days of my marketing for artists training you will have had access to the first 4 modules, 3 Q&A sessions (scheduled course only), bonuses and the student community.

You will have had chance to validate what you are taking on, organise your thoughts around where you are going and validate your work and ideas with your customers BEFORE you make a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated to continue moving forward with your idea (and your ability to present and sell your work online like a professional) simply contact me, show me that you have put the work in over these first 4 modules and I will refund your investment!

money back guarantee

Burning questions people ask before enrolling

I am feeling overwhelmed by everything I need to do, can I do this?

This feeling is perfectly normal at the start of a course like this and I want to be really up front with you

YES there are a significant amount of things I am going to ask you to do within the course

YES it will probably get a little uncomfortable at times and you might not always see the immediate need for something and might feel like skipping something to save time or make things easier

YES there will be times when you wonder why you even started this

But here’s the thing

As long as you are prepared to invest a few hours every week in this, follow the things I have suggested in the order I have suggested and are prepared to reach out every time you get stuck then yes, you can absolutely do this. It won’t be easy, it will be hard work but there will be a path to follow and lots of help on hand.

If you have already started your business you will have realised by now that you don’t see rewards without hard work first. If you have got this far reading this then I am sure that you want to put in the effort required and want the outcomes this course can bring you enough.

My promise to you is that I will never waste your time or energy. You will always feel that EVERYTHING you are doing is bringing you one step closer to your goal of owning a successful online art, craft or photography business and the rewards that brings with it.

I am worried I will not be able to cope with the technology?

I hear and see this so often. As creatives many people often struggle with the technology, particularly if they like me were born before computers and smartphones and all the current tech. I get that, I totally do and in all the years I have worked for myself simplifying the tech for others has been one of my major strengths.

It doesn’t have to be complicated but unfortunately it has a reputation for being so and many people in the tech industry have overcomplicated things unnecessarily over the years which hasn’t helped. You can rest assured that in everything I present in this course I will be detailing it in layman terms that you will quickly understand.

I will be keeping things simple (Simple Art Marketing remember!) and digging deep enough to make things work for you but not too deep that I lose you completely. Support will be on hand in the Facebook group, in the live Q&As and you will have lifetime access to my material.

I am fairly new to this - will it be too advanced for me?

Everybody entering this course will be at different stages in their journey. Some will be completely new to selling their work and others may have been doing it successfully for years in person but never online and others may have had mixed results both in person and online.

My course will be pitched at a level so that everybody can follow and nobody will be left behind but there will be areas where some of you may be more advanced than others in that area and less advanced in another area.

My aim is cover the basics thoroughly, filling any holes and getting strong building blocks in place. This is not intended to be an advanced course that might be beyond people. More courses will appear later for those that want to dig deeper and learn more detail about specific topics.

Can I have access to the entire course right away?

I deliberately release the content of the course slowly over the period of 12 weeks a module at a time each week. This isn’t to make things difficult for you this is actually a technique to avoid overwhelm, to help you stay focused and on track and to help you pace yourself. It also helps keep people together as they move forward and support each other.

Many online courses have a reputation for people not completing them and this technique is designed to minimise the chance of that. Some people might be able to complete it in less than 12 weeks and some may take longer but 12 weeks is considered a reasonable time for everyone to fit it into their busy lives but still be able to give it the attention it requires.

But don’t worry if you go over. Some of you will but you will have lifetime access to the material so you will still be able to finish it in your own time.

Will there be any further costs during the course?

I will not ask you for any further money during the course and if you already have your own tools in place and have started building an online presence already and you wish to continue using these tools then it is unlikely that you will incur further costs to complete the course.

If, however, you are starting from scratch or wish to change tools to use those demonstrated in this course you will incur some additional costs with 3rd parties which I have detailed below.

What further costs might I incur with 3rd parties?

If you do not already have tools in place and are starting from scratch or wish to move from existing tools to those used on the course you might incur some or all of the following costs

Website Domain Registration

It will cost you approximately £15pa to own your website address name. You will need to pay this every year wherever you choose to host your website. If you do not already have a domain name I will help you to choose one and show you how to register it.

Website Hosting

There are many different places where you can host your website using many different tools and technologies. I will be recommending a high quality reliable website host that charges £7.20pm for your first year then £14.50pm thereafter but you are free to host your website wherever you choose.

Website Builder Software

My website and websites that I will demonstrate will be created using a website builder that sits on top of WordPress which is by far the most popular website software available today. WordPress is FREE, however, using the builder software on top of it speeds development considerably and allows you to create a really powerful and professional looking website quickly. The builder software currently costs $89pa or $249 for lifetime access (recommended).

Mailing List

You are free to use any mailing list service, however, I will be teaching using Mailchimp, probably the most popular mailing software in use today and this software can be used for FREE for up to 2000 subscribers which should be sufficient to get started.


I recommend using PayPal to take secure payments online for products you sell on your website. Customers can pay using their PayPal account or any major credit or debit card. There is no cost for signing up to PayPal and no monthly fee but you will be charged a percentage commission on every sale you make where payment is taken by PayPal. At time of writing this is just under 3% for a domestic transaction plus a very small fixed charge of 30p per transaction. Fees are higher for overseas transactions.

Other Payment Service Providers such as Stripe can be used instead of or as well as PayPal. 

What if it doesn't work?

That is a negative self limiting thought process that you need to reframe! Every time you hear yourself say that whether it is during this course or any other aspect of your online business you need to replace that thought with ‘But what if it DOES WORK?‘.

This course will give you everything you need to get started or improve what you are doing. It is, however, a journey along which you will need to pick up further new skills, processes, technologies and so on. This course is not the final destination. I will continue to create further free content to help you along that journey as well as paid courses and there are so many resources available to help you elsewhere too. It will work if you want it to and believe it will and choose to discover and link together all the necessary steps in that journey.

Don’t let any self limiting beliefs get in your way. Focus on where you want to be then use the tools available to get you there. 

The support was so valuable.

It was like ‘wow this is so helpful’. It was the highlight of the week. The group was lovely. I wouldn’t have done it without it. It’s good to have expert advice available quickly. That’s where you get the targeted experience, an extra layer of scaffolding.

Angela Roberts

Embroidery & Textile Artist, Cheshire UK

Simple Art Marketing Academy – Marketing For Artists

Scheduled Course

6 Monthly Payments Of


Buy NOW pay monthly

On Demand Course

One Time Payment Of



Scheduled Course

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Still thinking about it?

You should give ‘Simple Art Marketing Academy’ marketing for artists course a 30 day risk free shot if you are motivated by …

… you want your life back – like really badly!

Whether you are in a job that you hate, constantly thinking that you would much rather be doing your art, craft or photography hobby full time instead, working long hours, worried about the future of your job security in the current climate but still nervous to leave and do something else without proving it first?

Or perhaps you are already doing what you love but the dream is not the reality? You are working SO HARD at it but just not getting the results you need? It is taking so much of your time creating, marketing, shows, exhibitions, galleries. The recent pandemic has decimated your income without a strong internet presence already to fall back on. You constantly hear yourself say ‘I don’t have time’ for those nice things you want in your life because you are working so hard at your business just to stay afloat!

… you are so ready to “put the work in”

That’s why you are so motivated to invest your time and effort over the next few months in a course like ‘Simple Art Marketing Academy’ marketing for artists to make change happen, to discover how you can start a profitable online online business or make one you have already work much harder for you and get your life back!

By now you have probably realised that the barriers to getting onto a courses like this are low but the barriers to making a success of your art, craft or photography business are high?

This doesn’t scare you though does it – it excites you!

The only thing that scares you is wasted effort but I promise you every hour you invest in this program will pay off dramatically in the coming months and years.

You also understand that the barrier to success is also one of your biggest competitor advantages. It’s one of the things that will separate the dabblers that come and go from those who are really serious and in it for the long term success.

You will have heard the saying that ‘if it was easy then everyone would be doing it’. Well nothing could be more true. It isn’t easy and if you are ready to put the hard work in then that already sets you apart.

… you need a roadmap to focus your effort effectively

The path to success also isn’t clear so if you have a roadmap like I will show you here that too will help separate you. It will focus your precious time and help you move from where you are now to where you want to be so much quicker through a step by step approach.

Are you in?

If you are still sitting on the fence but found yourself relating to, agreeing with and motivated by what you have read so far I would really recommend you sign up for the course with my 14 day risk free guarantee!

contact simple art marketing

I cannot wait to guide you over these next 12 weeks …

Creating this online marketing for artists program for you feels like where I am meant to be right now.

I can relate to so much of what you are feeling now having run my own business for over 30 years. There have been good times and tough times but one of my biggest mistakes in the past was to spend too much time creating and not enough time marketing. When I did focus on marketing I didn’t look for a roadmap to follow or use my time effectively. It was out of my comfort zone and I didn’t really want to be doing it!

I got by on word of mouth, lots of personal recommendation and received glowing reviews from all those I worked with. But when I met my partner Lucy Gell in 2015 it all changed. I saw many wonderful things in Lucy on a personal level that I am sure anyone who has met her will recognise and I just loved her work which constantly makes me and so many others smile and feel good in a world that is so in need of that.

Over the first few years with Lucy I travelled to shows and exhibitions with her. As I did this I began to recognise the amount of work she was putting in and how very little she was getting back in return. The long hours, the travelling, the expenses. There had to be a better way. I recognised some of what I had done myself in Lucy. She was completely focused on creating but was out of her comfort zone on marketing and particularly digital marketing which had so much potential and therefore it didn’t receive the attention it deserved.

My background was in IT so I knew I could help with her website, mailing list and Etsy shop but I knew little about art or her industry. What I did know through my IT background, however, is that all the information is out there and technology makes it easier than ever to find so I set about researching, reading website blogs, podcasts, attending shows and exhibitions, visiting galleries and more and slowly but surely I was able to advise Lucy and help her to start changing this to work better for her.

Over the next few years I met other artists and creatives and began to help them too having seen what I was doing for Lucy. I pivoted my business, started a marketing for artists blog to share some of my experience then fast forward to 2021 and the launch of my ‘Simple Art Marketing Academy’ marketing for artists course.

Yes I can relate to where you are. I have either experienced it myself or experienced with Lucy and it is now my passion to embrace those struggles and share the skills and knowledge I have with as many people as I can to help them transform their lives by propelling them on the journey they have chosen!

Should you choose to accept my invitation and join me inside ‘Simple Art Marketing Academy’ marketing for artists course I guarantee that the next 12 weeks will set you firmly on the path for creating a strong, sustainable online art, craft or photography business that will grow year on year.

I look forward to meeting you personally within my online marketing for artists course.

There was so much more than I ever thought there would be

You are the first person who has been honest and said this is going to be a lot of hard work.

The price from everything I have seen for big courses was well worth the value. To get to know the people I did across the world – that was the cherry on top!

I wish I could convey what a wealth of information you are. When you explain it it does so much good. You are so well thought out with your responses. It is invaluable that you understand ‘art’ marketing. You do this for artists, you know the language, the genre, the ins and outs.

I so appreciate all your work, your personality, getting to know you and all the others. It has been the highlight of my year!”

Lynn Richards

Mixed Media Artist, California USA

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