138 – Are You Missing Last Minute Christmas Touches?

last minute christmas touches

Are You Missing Last Minute Christmas Touches?

Yesterday in amongst all the Covid chaos as the rest of the world shut its borders to the UK, it was the last posting date for orders within the UK. But are you missing any of the last minute Christmas touches?

Maybe by this point you cannot take much more after the marathon of orders? Its been a year when the world has been turned upside down and ecommerce exceeded all previous records. This year many artists, makers and photographers with a strong online presence experienced record online sales. So is that it? Are we done? Do you put your feet up now and surface again sometime in the New Year when its all a bit calmer? Maybe not just yet?

Don’t Forget To Say Thank You!

Christmas is the time that many people send newsletters out, often neglecting the process at other times of the year. People are promoting products by email and in social media trying to get seen in amongst all the Christmas noise.

Sales are important but more consistent sales come on the back of relationships with an engaged audience that has come to know, like and trust you. Yes some mailings need to push products, especially at the busiest buying time of the year but this needs to be balanced. You need to be forming relationships with your customer throughout the year not just trying to sell to them at Christmas!

Now that we have passed last order dates this is a great opportunity to thank your mailing list and social audience for all the support you have received throughout the year. Tell them how grateful you are and what it has meant to you especially during such a challenging time. Say a great big thank you and make them feel appreciated.

Wish People A Happy Christmas

I know, maybe that’s a little obvious but wishing your customers a Happy Christmas is one of the important last minute Christmas touches. It is one that is so easy to overlook when things are busy but its important. Make a special point of saying it if you haven’t already! You would say it to family and friends and you want a strong relationship with your customers too. Work on that relationship. Put some thought into your message. Wear a silly hat if you want. Give your customers something to make them smile and help build that relationship with you.

Plans For The New Year

Do you have any plans for the new year that might interest your audience? Are you planning any new work, new collaborations, new ventures. Everybody loves to have something to look forward to. You could mention this briefly now and then tell people about it in more detail in a New Year email and social post perhaps.

Last Minute Local Collection

Inevitably people will leave things to the last minute. People have missed the last posting dates and many are reluctant to visit the shops in the middle of the pandemic. There are still a handful of last minute Christmas touches and opportunities still available to you if you are not completely burnt out!

Do you encourage customers to collect from you? Do you do local deliveries? If you read my Good To Go blog and have an area like this on your website point people to it. Tell them that if they want to collect something you have in stock they can contact you and collect. Tell them they can collect up until Christmas Eve if you are happy to do that? Offer free local delivery in a 5 mile radius perhaps?

Don’t write this as another pushy sales email though. Just offer it up as a lifeline to any customers that might have been left disappointed because they didn’t act quickly enough. This correspondence isn’t meant to be salesy so write this as a p.s., an afterthought, a service going the extra mile to help your customers and see what happens!

Last Minute Workshop Vouchers

Most years this is a great time to push workshop vouchers if you run workshops. They make a lovely experience present for many and are easy to provide last minute through email. You can design a voucher that can simply be printed off at the other end. With so many workshops cancelled this year and uncertainty for the future this might not work as well as previous years but you might still get some takers especially if you extend your 12 month validity to 18 months or more so there is more time for things to get back to normal. Again write this as a p.s. or an afterthought if it is relevant to you.

Are you still working? What are you still working on right now? I would love to hear as I would if you are having any success with the above?

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