153 – Last Minute Christmas Art Marketing

last minute Christmas art marketing

Is That It – Are We Done?

A couple of years ago I did a post around this time titled ‘Is That It – Are We Done?‘. The idea was that at this point most of you will either be on your Christmas last orders date or beyond it. At that point do you stop taking orders and just concentrate on getting what you can out for Christmas? Do you then put your feet up for a well earned rest or is there anything else that you might be missing in your Christmas art marketing this last week before Christmas? Are you missing any last minute opportunities? Would you like some help with your last minute Christmas art marketing?

Collections / Local Delivery

Have you considered ‘collections‘? You might not be able to post anything from this point forward unless you already have a courier booked perhaps but what if the customer is able to collect? How many ‘local’ fans do you have? Do they love your work but have missed your deadline at this busy time. Would they be prepared to travel an hour or more to collect that special piece of framed work from you? How easier would it be for you to deliver within a 5 mile radius perhaps?

Now is the time to put that idea out there in a newsletter and on social. This will help you to keep selling right up until Christmas Eve, long after a lot of your competition have given up. Your customers are starting to panic that they are running out of time until you save the day for them with that special purchase!

Good To Go

You probably don’t have time to make new product at this stage which is where your ‘Good To Go‘ or ‘Ready To Ship‘ product comes in. You should have been working on this in the run up to Christmas. If you weren’t it needs to be on your plan for next year. Your ‘good to go’ product is product that you have been stocking up on. It usually comprises of best selling product lines as well as seasonal product for this time of year.

You should overproduce this product early so that come the last couple of weeks before Christmas you can really focus on selling these over other product that you might have to make / order and are either unable to process for Christmas or it will put such a burden on you when you are so busy already.

Create a ‘Good To Go’ section on your website where a customer can order online. Make it clear there once your last order date has passed that if people use that and select ‘local delivery’ or ‘collection’ you can still meet their order requirements as these products are ready, sat in your studio. Tell customers what these products are, list them briefly in a news bulletin and social media but then perhaps link to a web page where they are all listed together with more information.

Don’t worry too much about the tech here. If you can’t create a good ‘good to go’ section on your website then just keep it simple. Do an audit in your studio, create a simple list of what you have available then just post that list in an email and on social and tell people to email / DM you if they want something if it is in limited supply. Get people to talk to you during your last minute Christmas art marketing then if something is no longer available you can tell them what is and maybe sell that something else to them instead!


Next tell people about things that don’t need dispatch or collection that can be ordered right up until Christmas Eve? Think about vouchers. Can you sell vouchers to fans of your work who know other fans of your work? Customers love buying vouchers especially at the last minute and they will often introduce you to other new customers too. Think about monetary vouchers but also think about ‘range’ vouchers. Can you offer types of work in a range rather than price? Can you knock up a nice looking voucher in Canva, for example, then email it to customers?


The chances are you probably haven’t thought about workshops for the New Year yet. You have been so busy fulfilling Christmas orders to even think about it! You are probably thinking there is plenty of time for that in January when things are quiet. If you haven’t scheduled any workshops for next year yet, however, you are missing an opportunity that is easily recovered with a little last minute Christmas art marketing.

Christmas is an ideal time to sell your New Year workshops as they make an ideal experience special gift. If you haven’t scheduled any yet can you at least schedule a handful now. Get them on your website then mention them in a newsletter and social. Bookings can be taken right up until Christmas and through into the New Year.

If you haven’t scheduled any workshops yet or only a handful and customers don’t know if the recipient will be free, how about a workshop voucher that can be used on any of your workshops (space permitting).

Galleries and Stockists

Many of you are probably selling to trade in the form of galleries and stockists. That’s an extra income stream only and of course you prefer to deal direct with customers. You want to develop a relationship with them. You want them to become long term repeat customers. If you are past your last order date for delivery, however, and they cannot collect from you don’t forget that you might have a gallery or stockist nearer to them where they can go and view and purchase your work in person.

Although this means commission to the gallery or stockist it can lead to bigger sales. Customers will have more confidence purchasing in person especially if it is for the first time. You are also extending the number of selling days in your last quarter by directing people to your galleries and stockists in this last week.

Mention that people might be able to still buy locally in your newsletter and social. Point people to a gallery and stockist page on your website. Make sure that you always keep this up to date with new stockist details!

Keep It Brief

Keep your news bulletin brief and to the point. Get your ideas across quickly and don’t waffle on, people have even less time to read at this time of year. Be brief about each element. Link to a website page for each topic if people want to read more or find out more information. Finish your news bulletin by thanking everyone for their support this year and wishing them a happy Christmas.

What are you still promoting now in your last minute Christmas art marketing? Have you already closed shop until next year?

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