74 – Instagram Giveaway Anticipation

Instagram giveaway anticipation

Why You Need Instagram Giveaway Anticipation

In order to make your social media giveaway work harder for you it is important that you create some Instagram giveaway anticipation. When posting anything on social media only a proportion of your followers will see your post. One reason is that the social media platform deliberately throttles back who is exposed to your post in order to encourage paid advertising. Posts are also competing against many others who are posting regularly.  Your audience does not have time to read through every post that people they are following post. There simply isn’t enough time and so some posts will just never reach them.

To understand this further and see why your followers do not see all of your posts you might want to check out 129 – Why Does Instagram Exist and 134 – Why Has Instagram Engagement Dropped Recently which will give you a good insight into this.

How To Create Excitement Ahead Of Your Giveaway

One way to reduce the impact of this and get news of your giveaway to more people is by posting about it a few times before your run your giveaway. You increase your chances of at least one of these posts getting spotted and you also create some anticipation so that people then actively start to look for your giveaway post when it eventually appears.

Before you even start your giveaway you can lever interest and new followers purely through anticipation. You have probably seen lots of this on social media already but just not realised. When somebody is about to announce something new or something big they don’t tell you what it is right away. They use the opportunity to get you to sign up to a mailing list, encourage you to keep checking their posts, to keep them in your mind and so on. This creates anticipation. It means that when they do announce it, you are already primed. You are watching for it. It is picked up more easily on your radar and you might attract some new followers in the process.

Don’t overdo it though or people will get bored. Maybe post about it a week before your giveway and then include another 2 or 3 posts and stories over the week giving a little more information each time to raise excitement. Use a final post announcing the date that the giveaway will begin! Doing this will attract many more people to your giveaway post than a single announcement.

How To Make Your Giveaway Posts Standout

To boost the success of each of these posts use techniques you might commonly use elsewhere to draw attention to important posts such as

  • bright colour to draw attention
  • use the word ‘Giveaway’ prominently
  • use video
  • add a banner to an image to draw attention
  • use uppercase letters and emojis to highlight things
  • release information slowly with each post
  • post multiple images on the same post to show multiple prizes
  • post several stories with a similar anticipation theme
  • mention this in a newsletter bulletin (but only 1 anticipation and 1 when the giveaway is running to avoid unsubscribers)

In my next post I will talk about the giveaway post itself – stay tuned.

How do you build up your giveaway anticipation?

(Updated 03/02/2021)

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