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how to sell art online

If you have found my free advice useful then try one of my ‘How To Sell Art’ online courses. Dig a little deeper, build key components and slot everything together with much more support.

Comprehensive video tutorials supported by PDF documents, audio files and links to key tools you will need. Take one of my ‘scheduled’ courses with set start dates to go through as a group with extra support or an ‘on demand’ course where you can start immediately and go entirely at your own pace. If you have a ‘group’ then why not receive a fine arts group discount and schedule a start date! All courses come with lifetime access to all material.

Best Places To Sell Art Online In 2024

There are so many places to sell art online in 2024. Learn the pros and cons of some of the best platforms and how to create a good marketing mix. Sign up and take this course for free as a taster for some of my more advanced courses.

Simple Art Marketing Academy

Best value 5 courses in 1 to teach you how to sell art online! A step by step, 14 week easy to follow guide to simple art, craft or photography marketing online to get your work seen and sold.

Starting An Online Art Business

A 3 week easy to follow guide to establish who you are and what you do. To validate and reframe that to have it resonate better with and therefore attract more customers and to build your business quicker and better by tapping into your competitors experience. An ideal starting point for how to sell art online.

How To Make An Artist Website

A 6 week course to show you how to create a website to sell art, crafts or photography. Learn the tools needed and principles involved as I teach you how to sell art online through a website. Follow step by step lessons to create a key foundation for your online business

SEO For Artists

A 3 week course to show you the tips and tricks of how to use SEO (search engine optimisation) to dramatically increase the number of visitors to your art, craft or photography website. Don’t be a slave to social media every day, let SEO take some of the strain and work for you 24/7.

How To Build An Artist Email List

A 3 week online course to show artists, makers and photographers how to harness the power of an email list. Learn why an email list should be at the core of your online business, how to set one up and then how to grow and manage it to increase sales and grow a loyal customer base.

Social Media For Artists

A 3 week online course to help you understand social media at a deeper level. Get to know why it exists and why it works the way it does so that you can learn how to make it work much harder for you and your online art, craft or photography business.

Other Courses Coming Soon

I have so many ideas for new courses to benefit artists, makers and photographers marketing their art craft and photography online. Watch this space for details of other courses coming soon.

Course Format

My ‘how to sell art online’ courses are designed and delivered in an easy to follow format using video and PDF support documents. I will demonstrate how to market your art online using popular tools explaining each step in simple terms along the way with lots of real examples. Courses can be purchased on demand and run at your own pace unsupported or as scheduled course with email, Facebook group and weekly Q&A Zoom support.

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