How To Make An Artist Website

To Sell Art, Crafts & Photography

Every successful online art, craft or photography business needs a high converting website at its core. Don’t leave this to a website designer who doesn’t know your business sector. Don’t stumble through yourself constantly reinventing the wheel. Let me teach you how to make an artist website specifically designed to sell your art.

6 week course to show you how to make an artist website to sell art, crafts or photography. Learn the tools needed and principles involved. Follow easy step by step lessons to create a key foundation for your online business.

how to make an artist website

My course promise

“In this 6 week online course you will go from a place of not knowing how to make an artist website, where to start or what to include to knowing exactly what tools you need, how to use them confidently and knowing what you need in your website to make it attract and resonate with your art, craft and photography customers.

I will teach you principles of good website design which you can employ in your existing website regardless of the platform it is currently built on. If you are starting from scratch I will introduce you to some of the most popular tools available today and show you step by step how to build your website from the ground up using them.

Throughout the course I will be focusing on real examples which you will be able to relate to from the art, craft and photography sector. I will show you how to go the extra mile to impress and build trust with your customers resulting in a fully functional ecommerce website to sell your art, craft & photography products.”

Before I tell you more about this essential course, let me tell you who this is really for …

make an artist website to sell your art

As an artist, maker or photographer you are ready to build a successful ecommerce website. You want to follow simple steps that will attract your audience and allow them to purchase your products. You want to understand what is needed to get customers to confidently purchase

There is a need to be transported to a place where you can build your website knowing that what you are building will work and why. You want to have full control over your own website without being restricted by algorithms and templates found in 3rd party selling platforms and other website design systems or by a website designer who doesn’t know your business and you don’t know theirs! 

This ‘how to make an artist website’ course is for you if …

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You are thinking about setting up a new website

If you want to sell art, craft or photography online you couldn’t have come to a better place. I have helped lots of artists, makers and photographers with their websites. I know exactly where you are coming from.

You are just setting up the online side of your business. You are yet to be convinced about how successful it can be. Website designers just seem so expensive for your limited budget. You find it hard to justify their costs and doubt that they fully understand your business the way you do. You feel overwhelmed by all the tech out there and from the advice from others who have tried to sell in so many other platforms with such varied results.

I suspect that you want to be shown what is the best way forward to sell what you create online. You want to follow step by step examples along the way with clear explanations.

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Already have a website but want to improve it

Maybe you already have a website? Have you set it up yourself and didn’t really know where you were going with it? Did you go through a steep learning process? Maybe a website designer created a website for you? Did they create something basic that fitted your budget but you know you can do much better?

In this course I will teach how to do everything using my recommended website design tools. It is by no means essential, however, that you are using those tools yourself. If you have already made a substantial investment in other tools it should be relatively easy for you to follow my lessons to show you what you need in your website. You can then implement that using your own preferred tools.

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You have a website but want to start over

We have all done it. We have created something, then added to it. Then we have added to it again. We have been too quick to choose the wrong tools. Too quick to make the changes. Made the changes in an undisciplined unorganised manner and we have ended up with a can of worms that we don’t really understand and doesn’t really do the job we intended it to do. Does that sound familiar?

If you are feeling like that about your own website maybe this is the time to draw a line under it and start again from the beginning? It might be much quicker to do it that way than fix what you have already and you can be sure that it is created using tools that you can be confident are the best tools for the job in hand. 

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You want to feel empowered talking to a website designer

Whilst this course is designed to teach you how to create your own ecommerce website I have already had people on the course who employ their own website designers preferring not to do it themselves. This frees up more time to spend in their studio. Whilst that might sound a bit of a contradiction taking a course to learn how to create a website themselves then asking someone else to do it – there is a logic to it.

These customers have told me how ’empowered’ the course has made them. Before the course they were instructing website designers blindly – not really knowing what they needed, what was possibly and what would be a big or small request (resulting in a big or small cost!). Having taken the course they still prefer to be in their studios creating rather than on the computer building websites, however, they have a much better idea what they need on their websites and what to ask their website designers to do for them.

If you see yourself here then you are in the right place. In this how to make an artist website online course I am going to give you the tools, inspiration, knowledge, confidence and support needed to create a website that really helps you to grow a successful online art, craft or photography business that grows year on year.

By the end of this ‘how to make an artist website’ online course you will know …


how to choose an ISP (internet service provider), domain name and website software without the overwhelm


what fonts, colours and designs might work best with your brand


how to create a menu, header, footer and key website pages and what to include there


how to build an effective ecommerce shop into your website


the key elements of photography, copy, product variants, upselling and cross selling that help you sell more


how to make shipping work hard for you at home and overseas


what not to miss that most people do such as mobile and tablet testing, missing links testing, Google listing and common mistakes to avoid


what sections and pages to build into your website to build customer confidence that will help customers to spend more with you

By the end of this how to make an artist website course you will have the confidence to start building your successful online art business knowing that you are pitching it well so that it will resonate well with your customers leading to long term growth and sales.

I hired a web person for WIX. What I was able to do was tell her exactly what I needed done – because of your course. If I hadn’t taken that course I would have just been another ‘oh here just fix this for me – but I have no idea what I need!’. That was incredibly useful.

You work for artists. It’s a very different language for artists. That’s invaluable right there – that you understand ‘art’ marketing.

There is no one magical platform. What you taught is is the absolute foundational things that you can plug into any platform.

Lynn Richards

Mixed Media Artist, California USA

How To Make An Artist Website

To Sell Art, Craft & Photography

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So what’s inside my ‘how to build an artist website’ online course?

My ‘How To Make An Artist Website – To Sell Art, Craft & Photography‘ online course is broken down into 5 modules . It is run over 6 weeks with a new module being released each week for 5 weeks followed by an implementation week. Here is a short taster of what you should expect in each module.

how to make an awesome artist website

Week 1: Website design fundamentals

Before we start looking at designing some website pages in this ‘how to make an artist website’ course we will look at some of the basics that come before that such as choosing an internet service provider (ISP), a website domain name and where to host your website if you do not already have one. Then we will introduce some website design software and explore some design fundamentals to get you ready to start building a website in the next module.


    • choosing an internet service provider
    • choosing a domain name
    • registering your website hosting
    • the WordPress dashboard
    • secure website pages
    • the DIVI theme
    • design fundamentals
    • choosing fonts
    • choosing colours
    • using themes for inspiration
make your first artist website pages

Week 2: Building your first artist website pages

In this module we will concentrate on building some of the simpler pages such as ‘about‘, ‘contact‘ and ‘gallery‘ to get started. If you already have a website and are happy using your existing tools that’s fine you will hopefully learn lots about website design theory and how to put it into practice whatever your website tools. If you are starting from the beginning, however, I will take you step by step through everything. In this module we will cover


    • creating a website structure
    • building a menu that is clear and easy to use
    • creating a header and footer
    • creating an ‘about‘, ‘contact‘ and ‘gallery‘ / ‘portfolio‘ page
make an artist website to buy online

Week 3: Ecommerce & supporting pages (part 1)

In this first module in our ecommerce section we will take a look at some popular ecommerce software and install it if necessary. We will then look at setting our stall out in terms of grouping products into ranges and subranges. We will look at how essential photography is for selling online and how we can make it better.

Next we will look at how to easily create lifestyle images and manipulate digital images before creating our first product page. Then we will dig deeper into products looking at product variants and shipping costs and importing products from other systems.  In this module we will cover


  • introduction to store software / Woocommerce
  • product ranges, subranges and tags
  • photography essentials
  • using lifestyle images
  • more on image size and manipulation
  • creating a strong product page
  • using product variants
  • using shipping costs effectively
  • importing products from other systems

Week 4: Ecommerce & supporting pages (part 2)

In module 7 we take ecommerce to the next level designing our shopping cart, checkout, account and shop pages. We look at some marketing techniques to increase sales and look at additional information you can include to increase customer confidence. We complete this section by creating a strong homepage to create a good first impression. In this module we will cover


  • creating your shopping cart
  • building your checkout page
  • setting up your account area page
  • creating your shop page
  • using upsells and cross-sells
  • supporting information pages
  • shipping and delivery dates
  • the power of testimonials and reviews
  • your processes pages
  • creating a strong homepage
launch an artist website

Week 5: Going live

This is the week you have been building up to. This is the week it all gets real! But there are a few final things to put in place before you go live. You need to test everything works before and after going live and then there are a few simple tools that you need to put in place that will help now and further down the line for you.

Your website needs to be able to take payments securely, have been tested thoroughly and be connected to a number of services that will make it much easier for you to ensure it is working well for you now and into the future. In this module we will cover


    • connecting to a payment service provider
    • desktop, tablet and mobile  testing
    • checking for broken links
    • redirecting old website pages
    • page load speed
    • going live
    • setting up email
    • installing Google Console
    • installing Google Analytics
    • using tracking metrics
making an artist ecommerce website

Week 6 – Implementation Week

There is a lot to pack into this ‘how to build an artist website’ course and although you might be trying to cover as much as you can as the material is being rolled out it is inevitable that there will be days (or weeks) where you struggle to get done what you want to get done even with all the best intentions.

Our final week is therefore designed to be an implementation week. There will not be any new material released but I will still be available for support via email, through our Facebook group and for those on the ‘scheduled’ course live at our weekly Q&A Zoom clinic.

Use this final week to go through everything we have covered to date and use all of these resources to answer any remaining questions you might have.

Enrol NOW and you will get …

5 Implementation Modules explaining everything needed to build a highly functional ecommerce website to sell your art, craft or photography online

Over 18 hours of comprehensive video tutorials plus supporting audio and PDF documents, templates and tools

Optional access to a members only Facebook group where you can discuss course content with me and other students throughout the course

Lifetime access to the course (including course updates) so that you can go at your own pace if you prefer and come back time and time again

You will be given access to one new module per week – so that you have ample time to concentrate on the lessons in that module and implement that section BEFORE moving onto the next module.

I do this to protect your time, attention and focus. I want to prevent intense overwhelm some of you might already be feeling and keep things simple and manageable.

BONUS (Scheduled Course ONLY)

6 weeks of live Q&A clinic sessions with me inside my course private members only Facebook area

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes while I answer your questions and go over points that you are struggling with

What You’ll Get

6 live Q&A sessions to make sure I answer your burning questions so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence (5 standard weeks plus a bonus implementation week!)

An active and supportive Facebook community with fellow students so that you can support each other during the course and share your own experience and ideas with myself visiting and engaging with the group daily

A space to overcome isolation and help motivate you through contact with fellow students doing what you are doing, understand the obstacles and struggles and want to help you complete your journey successfully

After 6 weeks inside my online course Facebook group you will be moved to a private past students group where you can continue to have contact and support each other into the future


20 best ways to grow your art following

Learn 20 of my top tips to quickly grow your mailing list and social media audience to help get your online art business off the ground

What you’ll get

A 9 page PDF guide with 20 great growth tips learn simple techniques that you can use throughout your business to encourage new subscribers and followers that will help to grow your business and generate repeat sales

Online techniques learn how to interact better with people online to get them to subscribe and follow you

Offline techniques learn how you can encourage more subscribers and followers for your online business whilst interacting with them in person at shows and exhibitions, through galleries and by post


12 weeks free access to

Canvy Room Mockup Software

Impress your potential buyers with stunning in situ photos of your art

What You’ll Get

12 weeks free access to the Pro version of Canvy Room Mockup software. Use this amazing browser based software that allows you to upload your workframe it then place it at scale in over 250 rooms.

Not only that you then get to change colours and textures of walls and colours of objects in the room so no two images are the same and your work blends flawlessly with the room. I have used this software first hand helping on the beta team, creating room mockups for customers and now teaching it on my Simple Art Marketing Academy online course.

Get to use it for free for the duration of the course (normal price $45) with the option to sign up at $15pm or $108pa later if you like it as much as I do! Use anything you create within the 12 weeks forever!

I haven’t got DIVI but it has really helped me to get a grasp of Elementor. I had assumed that the website designer had used it but it was for techie people. It wetted my appetite for how I can do that in Elementor.

It has really developed my confidence. I have a better appreciation as to what went into creating my website in the first place so if I want to fiddle with stuff I have more confidence to do it.

Angela Roberts

Embroidery & Textile Artist, Cheshire UK

How To Make An Artist Website

To Sell Art, Craft & Photography

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Burning questions people ask before enrolling

Will this course teach me how to build a website?

Yes this course will teach you how to build a website. In step by step lessons it will show you everything you need and how to do recommending industry leading website hosts, tools and software.

Do I need to use the tools and software you recommend?

If you use the tools and software I recommend this will be an advantage as I will show you step by step how to use everything. It is, however, not necessary to use the same things as I am using because everything I teach can be accomplished using most website platforms and tools. I recommend platforms and tools for very sound reasons which I explain in the course but if you already have a big commitment to something else you should find that you can still achieve most of what I teach in your own platform you just might have to do it slightly differently.

Is the course relevant if I already have a website designer?

Absolutely! Several past students have been in this position and although they have not wanted to create their website themselves they have said that taking the course has empowered them to know what is required and to know what to ask their website designer to do for them rather than leaving it to their designer who may not have much experience of the art, craft and photography business. Once designed the course has then given them great confidence to take over the maintenance of the website themselves given them more flexibility and greater cost savings in the long term.

How much time is needed for the course?

The amount of time needed to spend on the course very much depends on you and how well you want to do it. It is also dependant on where you are already? Do you already have a website or are starting from scratch? Do you have 10 products or 100s? Are you just looking at direct product sales or do you run workshops, commissions, trade accounts and more?

I was once told a website is never finished and that is so true. As a guide to get this off the ground and create a simple website with 10 products you should set aside 10-15 hours for the 6 weeks. If you already have a functioning website that you want to improve you might spend a few hours less each week.

Don’t worry if you cannot achieve everything you want to in the 6 weeks though. The material is available for life so sample each module each week, get to see what is involved and ask questions about anything you don’t understand then take things at your own pace over the coming months to achieve everything that you want to achieve.

Remember though that there are over 18 hours of video to watch here over the 6 weeks. That’s nearly 4 hours every week before you even start to implement any of the material taught!

I am worried I will not be able to cope with the technology?

I consider one of my strengths to be simplifying technology for customers. I have been around technology all my life but it still frustrates me when I see things that are far more complicated than they need to be so my plan in all my courses is to keep things as simple and to the point as possible. That said, creating a website is going to get technical and some bits might get hard. If they didn’t everybody would be doing it and website designers would be out of a job. Let me guide you through the process and keep it as simple as possible but if it does get too much think about using a website designer to help but with you feeling empowered to give them much clearer instructions as to what you need.

What about SEO (search engine optimisation)?

My initial idea was to include SEO (search engine optimisation) in this website creation course, however, as I pulled the lessons together and looked at what was involved it became really obvious that SEO is a course in itself. There was a real danger of losing people on the way by overcomplicating things and creating too much overwhelm for people so I made the conscious decision to separate the two.

Doing this means that I can show you how to create a fully functioning ecommerce website much quicker and you can send customers to that website to buy your products directly through word of mouth at shows and exhibitions, through emails and through your social media. What won’t happen out of the box, however, is hundreds and thousands of visitors coming to your website through Google searches.

To increase people who find you on Google you will need to take my SEO course. What they say though is to learn to walk before you can run which is exactly what is taking place here. It makes much more sense to focus on SEO in the second phase once your ecommerce site is up and running. You will see much better results that way!


Can I have access to the entire course right away?

I deliberately release the content of the course slowly over the period of 5 weeks a module at a time each week. This isn’t to make things difficult for you this is actually a technique to avoid overwhelm, to help you stay focused and on track and to help you pace yourself. It also helps keep people together as they move forward and support each other in my ‘scheduled’ version of the course.

Many online courses have a reputation for people not completing them and this technique is designed to minimise the chance of that. Some people might be able to complete it in less than 6 weeks and some may take longer but 6 weeks is considered a reasonable time for everyone to fit it into their busy lives but still be able to give it the attention it requires.

But don’t worry if you go over. Some of you will but you will have lifetime access to the material so you will still be able to finish it in your own time.

Will there be any further costs during the course?

The course teaches you to build a website yourself. To build a website similar to what I am going to show you I would typically charge up to £2000 so doing it yourself should bring big savings. That said there is the cost of your time to do this instead of somebody doing it for you. You will also incur costs to host your website domain and to host your website. These are costs you would pick up elsewhere even if a website designer built a website for you. You will find links in the relevant lessons for these if you do not already have anything in place but budget around £15pa for your domain and £180pa for your website hosting (although huge savings are usually available for your first year to get you started). I recommend WordPress software for your website which is free and using the DIVI page builder to really speed things up and give you much more control. Budget around $89pa for DIVI unless you buy their lifetime licence which usually works out much cheaper in the long run.

What if it doesn't work?

That is a negative self limiting thought process that you need to reframe! Every time you hear yourself say that whether it is during this course or any other aspect of your online business you need to replace that thought with ‘But what if it DOES WORK?‘.

This course will give you everything you need to get started or improve what you are doing. It is, however, a journey along which you will need to pick up further new skills, processes, technologies and so on. This course is not the final destination. I will continue to create further free content to help you along that journey as well as connected paid courses and there are so many resources available to help you elsewhere too. It will work if you want it to and believe it will and choose to discover and link together all the necessary steps in that journey.

Don’t let any self limiting beliefs get in your way. Focus on where you want to be then use the tools available to get you there. 

Paul Herschell Simple Art Marketing

I cannot wait to guide you over these next 6 weeks in my ‘how to make an artist website’ online course …

Building a successful high converting website for your art, craft or photography business involves many steps. The first step is to put a functioning ecommerce website at the core of your business. Join me here to do this and get the basics right first.

Once completed join me on my other online art marketing courses to dig deeper to drive more customers through a mailing list, social media and SEO (search engine optimisation) to really pull in those customers and increase sales.

I look forward to meeting you personally within the course.

How To Make An Artist Website

To Sell Art, Craft & Photography

On Demand Course

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Scheduled Course

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