best ways to grow your art following quickly


20 Best Ways

What Is An Art Audience And Why Do You Need One?

An art audience is a group of people who have expresssed an interest in your artwork or already bought some. These people should be really important to you because research suggests that it is up to 6 times easier to sell your work to existing customers than it is to sell to a new customer. It therefore makes sense that you focus a good portion of your time on identifying these people and getting them onto lists where you can regularly communicate with them.

Why Do You Need A Bigger Art Audience?

For some tasks the rewards are often directly proportionate to the hours you put into them. For example the number of originals you sell might be proportional to the number of originals you paint which is proportional to the hours of work you put into each one.

When marketing to an art audience, however, the rewards can be directly proportional to the size of the list rather than the number of hours of work you put into it. If you spend a couple of hours creating an email or social post, for example, you might feel that it was a lot of work to get that 1 sale from 200 people on your mailing list. Grow your list, however, then with exactly the same two hours of work you might get 10 sales from 2000 subscribers or 100 sales from 20000 subscribers making your time and effort go so much further!

How To You Grow Your Art Audience?

Growing your art audience, however, is difficult for many. It relies on people telling you that they want to be on your list. In an age of overwhelming spam email and social overload, however, you need to understand that you need to have something to offer people in order to join your list. Allow me to expand on this in my How To Grow Your Art Audience free PDF download. I will take you through 20 of the best ways that you can use to encourage people to opt into this process so that you can start growing your list quickly.

What Do You Do With Your Audience?

Creating your audience, however, is only the first step. Once you have one you need to keep it engaged. You need to interact with it on a regularly basis, listen to its needs and continue to provide things of value. People usually have to hear from you many times in order to build the know, like, trust factor with you before they make that first online sale then they need to keep hearing from you as you continue to grow that relationship with them and they bring you more and bigger sales. I have you covered for that too in some of my other online art marketing courses.

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