How To Build An Artist Email List

Build Trust To Increase New & Repeat Sales

It is said to be around 6 times easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one. You therefore need to know how to build an artist email list to sell your art, crafts and photography to a list of existing customers as well as leads that have expressed an interest in your work. Having regular contact with this list will lead to easier marketing. It will also lead to a sustainable online business that grows year on year.

Join me on my 3 week course to show you how to create a powerful mailing list. Learn step by step how and why an email mailing list works. Learn how to grow it and how to nurture it to create a wealth of long term repeat customers.

how to build an artist mailing list online course

My course promise

“In this 3 week online course you will go from a place of not knowing what a mailing list is and why you need one to understanding why it will become the most valuable asset in your online art, craft or photography business.

I will take you from a place of not knowing how to create one to introducing you to leading email marketing industry tools that you can start using right away FOR FREE showing you how to build an artist email list step by step.

I will take you from a place of not knowing how to grow and engage with your list to a place where you can confidently nurture it and grow it with material that will resonate with it. Your list subscribers will value their subscription. They will regularly purchase from you as a result of your emails as well as recommend you to their friends.

Throughout the course I will be focusing on real examples which you will be able to relate to from the art, craft and photography sector. I will show you how to go the extra mile to impress your customers. You will end up with a fully functional mailing list to sell your art, craft & photography products.”

Before I tell you more about this essential course, let me tell you who this is really for …

artist making art

As an artist, maker or photographer you want to build a sustainable online business that grows year on year. You want to follow simple steps that will help you to grow a list of collectors. You want those collectors to continue to buy from you year after year. 

There is a need to be transported to a place where you can get to understand your customers better. You want to deliver what resonates with them. You want to own your list and have direct communication with and not have it controlled by a 3rd party whose algorithms and filters determine who does and doesn’t see your communication.

Your are looking for long term growth and sustainability not short term wins

This how to build an artist email list online course is for you if …

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You don’t currently have a mailing list

If you don’t already have a mailing list you are not alone, especially in the art, craft and photography sector. Do you realise, however, that if you don’t have one how much harder you are making things for yourself? It’s a well known fact that it is 6 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to a new one but how do you keep in touch with your existing customers especially if your business is online? Perhaps through social media as many do?

Do you know that in social media only 5% or less of your following sees each of your posts? Filters and algorithms get in the way all too often in 3rd party platforms and what could be your online business’s most valuable asset is in somebody else’s control not yours. Let me help you take back control, own your own list and have direct communication with your customers on a regular basis with no filters or algorithms to get in the way!

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Already have a mailing list but its not growing

Setting up your mailing list is the first hurdle to overcome. What I see with so many customers, however, is a real struggle to grow their mailing lists. Customers won’t just jump onto your mailing list because you ask them to. They have enough email in their lives already. They don’t need any more – unless you convince them otherwise that is.

There are many simple tricks people miss to get their customers and leads onto their mailing lists. I will introduce you to these in this course and show you how to develop and implement them. I will help you to get into the minds of your customers so that you will find it much easier to entice them on to your mailing list. 

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Already have a mailing list but you aren’t seeing sales

Maybe you have a mailing list already and you have been seeing growth but this is not being reflected in sales yet? There can be a number of reasons for this. Your products might not be good enough. You might be attracting the wrong kind of audience. Your website might not instill confidence yet and so on.

One of the most common problems I see, however, is people not nurturing their mailing list before they try to sell to it and not being consistent with their nurturing. Nobody likes to be ‘sold at’ all the time. You might pick up some lucky sales by being in the right place at the right time with a salesy Christmas mailing, for example, but there are much more ‘subtle’ ways to sell throughout most of the year that will prove more effective. This will also ‘prepare’ your list to be ‘sold at’ during the crucial last quarter. Let me show you how.

If you see yourself here then you are in the right place. In this how to build an artist email list online course I am going to give you the tools, inspiration, knowledge, confidence and support needed to not only build one but to grow it and nurture it so that it becomes the most valuable asset in your online art, craft or photography business that grows year on year.

By the end of this online course you will know …


why it is so important that you have an ‘owned’ email list at the core of your online business


what tools you need to set up an email list and how to use them


what effective techniques you should be using to get more subscribers onto your email list


how to structure email content to make it easier and content go further


how to nurture your audience so that they are receptive and engaged with your content


how to maintain a healthy list and track its growth

By the end of this how to build an artist email list online course you will have the confidence to build and grow a loyal customer base. You will create predictable growth in your online business that is under your control.

I own the email list! If Facebook and Instagram shut down I won’t lose all that. I still have my website, I still have my email list, I still have a way to connect with my customers – so that was very helpful.

Growing the email list is a lot of work!”

Lynn Richards

Mixed Media Artist, California USA

How To Build An Artist Email List

To Sell Art, Craft & Photography Online

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So what’s inside my how to build an artist email list online course?

My ‘How To Build An Artist Email List – To Sell Art, Craft & Photography‘ online course for artists, makers and photographers is broken down into 2 modules . It is run over 3 weeks with a new module being released each week for 2 weeks followed by an implementation week. Here is a short taster of what you should expect in each module.

artist mailing list

Week 1 : Setting Up An Artist Mailing List

In this module we will look at why an ‘owned’ mailing list is essential at the core of your online art, craft or photography business and how you can create consistent list growth which will result in consistent sales growth with much more stability than social media. I will explain what tools you need and why and how to set one up. In this module we will cover

    • why you need an email list
    • choosing a mailing list provider
    • creating a Mailchimp account
    • connecting your list to your online store
    • creating a sign up form
    • creating a welcome email

Week 2 : Growing And Maintaining An Artist Mailing List

Setting up your mailing list is just the beginning. This week I will explain how you need to regularly ‘nurture’ this mailing list rather than ‘sell to it’ so that you create high levels of engagement with the list so that you can sell much more subtly and then when you do want to sell more aggressively during sales and periods like the 4th quarter your list will be much more receptive to you. In this module we will cover


    • importing an existing list
    • ways to get people to sign up
    • adding a popup form
    • writing good newsletter content
    • using tracking metrics
    • backing up your email list
    • pruning your email list
emailing art collectors to sell more art

Week 3 – Implementation Week

There is a lot to pack into this course and although you might be trying to cover as much as you can as the material is being rolled out it is inevitable that there will be days (or weeks) where you struggle to get done what you want to get done even with all the best intentions. Our final week is therefore designed to be an implementation week. There will not be any new material released but I will still be available for support via email, through our Facebook group and for those on the ‘scheduled’ course live at our weekly Q&A Zoom clinic.

Use this final week to go through everything we have covered to date and use all of these resources to answer and remaining questions you might have.

Enrol NOW and you will get …

3 Implementation Modules explaining everything needed to build a highly effective email mailing list to sell your art, craft or photography online

Over 4 hours of comprehensive video tutorials plus supporting audio and PDF documents, templates and tools

Optional access to a members only Facebook group where you can discuss course content with me and other students throughout the course

Lifetime access to the course (including course updates) so that you can go at your own pace if you prefer and come back time and time again

You will be given access to one new module per week – so that you have ample time to concentrate on the lessons in that module and implement that section BEFORE moving onto the next module.

I do this to protect your time, attention and focus. I want to prevent intense overwhelm some of you might already be feeling and keep things simple and manageable.

BONUS (Scheduled Course ONLY)

3 weeks of live Q&A clinic sessions with me inside my course private members only Facebook area

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes while I answer your questions and go over points that you are struggling with

What You’ll Get

3 live Q&A sessions to make sure I answer your burning questions so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence (2 standard weeks plus a bonus implementation week!)

An active and supportive Facebook community with fellow students so that you can support each other during the course and share your own experience and ideas with myself visiting and engaging with the group daily

A space to overcome isolation and help motivate you through contact with fellow students doing what you are doing, understand the obstacles and struggles and want to help you complete your journey successfully

After 3 weeks inside my online course Facebook group you will be moved to a private past students group where you can continue to have contact and support each other into the future


20 best ways to grow your art following

Learn 20 of my top tips to quickly grow your mailing list and social media audience to help get your online art business off the ground

What you’ll get

A 9 page PDF guide with 20 great growth tips learn simple techniques that you can use throughout your business to encourage new subscribers and followers that will help to grow your business and generate repeat sales

Online techniques learn how to interact better with people online to get them to subscribe and follow you

Offline techniques learn how you can encourage more subscribers and followers for your online business whilst interacting with them in person at shows and exhibitions, through galleries and by post

I already had a mailing list and didn’t think I would have to spend much time on this but it was really good to think about it more professionally.

There are some really cool people who have been on the course. Great just to see what they are are doing.

You can’t just depend on people signing up.

Angela Roberts

Embroidery & Textile Artist, Cheshire UK

How To Build An Artist Email List

To Sell Art, Craft & Photography Online

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Burning questions people ask before enrolling

Will this course teach me how to build an email list?

Yes this course will teach you how to build an email list that you can grow and use to build relationships with your customers and grow repeat sales.

Do I need to use the tools and software you recommend?

If you use the tools and software I recommend this will be an advantage as I will show you step by step how to use everything. It is, however, not necessary to use the same things as I am using because everything I teach can be accomplished using most email software platforms and tools. I recommend platforms and tools for very sound reasons which I explain in the course but if you already have a big commitment to something else you should find that you can still achieve most of what I teach in your own platform you just might have to do it slightly differently.

How much time is needed for the course?

The amount of time needed to spend on the course very much depends on you and how well you want to do it. It is also dependant on where you are already? Do you already have an email list that your simply which to improve and build upon or are starting from scratch? Do you have 10 products or 100s?

It takes only 4 hours to view the entire course content but will take much longer to implement everything so allow yourself lots of time. You will need to make changes in many areas of your business in order to collect email addresses for your mailing list and once changes have been made collection will be slow over a long period of time. There is no quick fix here. You should invest in your mailing list for the long term. It will take time to grow but if you do it well you will reap the benefits.


I am worried I will not be able to cope with the technology?

I consider one of my strengths to be simplifying technology for customers. I have been around technology all my life but it still frustrates me when I see things that are far more complicated than they need to be so my plan in all my courses is to keep things as simple and to the point as possible. That said, creating a mailing list will get technical at times. Let me guide you through the process and keep it as simple as possible.

Can I have access to the entire course right away?

I deliberately release the content of my courses over several weeks. This isn’t to make things difficult for you this is actually a technique to avoid overwhelm, to help you stay focused and on track and to help you pace yourself. It also helps keep people together as they move forward and support each other in my ‘scheduled’ version of the course.

Many online courses have a reputation for people not completing them and this technique is designed to minimise the chance of that.

But don’t worry if you go over. Some of you will but you will have lifetime access to the material so you will still be able to finish it in your own time.

Will there be any further costs during the course?

The course teaches you to build a mailing list yourself. I have deliberately chosen Mailchimp software to do this as Mailchimp is not only extremely powerful and is the market leader in email marketing it also has a generous 500 subscriber free plan to get you started. Once you have that many subscribers you should find that it is generating enough sales to cover the cost of moving to one of their paid plans to unlock extra features and make it work even harder for you.

What if it doesn't work?

That is a negative self limiting thought process that you need to reframe! Every time you hear yourself say that whether it is during this course or any other aspect of your online business you need to replace that thought with ‘But what if it DOES WORK?‘.

This course will give you everything you need to get started or improve what you are doing. It is, however, a journey along which you will need to pick up further new skills, processes, technologies and so on. This course is not the final destination. I will continue to create further free content to help you along that journey as well as connected paid courses and there are so many resources available to help you elsewhere too. It will work if you want it to and believe it will and choose to discover and link together all the necessary steps in that journey.

Don’t let any self limiting beliefs get in your way. Focus on where you want to be then use the tools available to get you there. 

Paul Herschell Simple Art Marketing

I cannot wait to guide you over these next 3 weeks …

Building a sustainable online business that grows year on year requires a number of key components. One of the most important is is a well nurtured email mailing list that you use to connect consistently with both existing customers and new sales leads. So many of your competitors in this sector miss this for many reasons. Don’t be one of them – take full advantage of what they are leaving behind.

It needs to be done properly to work though so join me on my online course to dig deeper to drive more customers to you and your work through your mailing list. Pull in far more  customers and far more sales.

Looking forward to meeting you personally within the course.

I have had so many direct sales from clicking on the newsletter. I never had any real idea of the power and importance of the newsletter and subscribers signing up to it.

People often don’t understand the value of a mailing list. If you can get all of that information and newsletters up and running for £99 that will be a bargain because payback will be tenfold!

I feel like I have a really powerful tool to use now. A definite thumbs up for me.

Pam Smart

Fine Artist, Derbyshire UK

How To Build An Artist Email List

To Sell Art, Craft & Photography Online

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