Wondering how to grow your art business? Do you need to know where to find your art, craft or photography customers and how to get them to buy online? It starts with growing an audience. Discover the 2 types of audience you should be building and 20 best ways to grow it quickly in this FREE simple guide.

best ways to grow your art following

6 Times Easier To Sell To An Existing Art Customer

Do you know that research has proved that it is around 6 times easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one? Doesn’t it therefore make sense therefore that a key goal for you should be to grow your customer list? Then through regular engagement you can build trust with your customers and they will continue to buy from you year after year after year for a fraction of the effort of finding new customers.

But how do you grow your customer list which will subsequently help you to sell more art? Well why not start by downloading my simple PDF document which will show you how to grow your art business by explaining 20 of the best ways that you can build your art audience? Then if you like what you see here let me show you so many more ways you can grow your art business year on year.

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