Laying Foundations For A Successful Online Art Business

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New Student Survey

If you have not already completed the new student survey please complete it now. Using the details in here I can help to get to know you better and understand how to help you get the most from your course.

Facebook Group

To get the best from the course you are strongly advised to join our private Facebook group. You will be able to discuss all elements of the course with other students taking the course with you and leave any questions that you might have. Everyone is encouraged to share their own experiences within the group. None of us has all the answers but together we have a lot more answers than any one of us so please give as much as you can within the group as well as take from it. You can join This group will allow past and present students to support each other and will be overseen by Simple Art Marketing. You may find it useful to search for questions in this area. I will be dipping into the groups regularly with my own comments, answers and announcements.

General Tools And Resources

Many tools and resources can be found on my website tools and resources page. You will find many of the tools and resources discussed throughout the course linked here and I will be adding many more over time so please visit this page regularly. You will also find tools and resources for a specific course lesson linked directly in the 'materials' tab for that lesson.

Blog Area

You can find lots of additional content on topics covered in the course as well as many that aren't in my blog area. New posts are added to this area every week. Mailing list subscribers will be notified each time there is a new post available.

Weekly Clinic Questions

Each week, usually on a Thurday, I will be holding a live Q&A clinic for people on the 'scheduled' version of the course to help with any questions that arise as we progress through the course. You are encouraged to raise questions with me beforehand using the form below, emailing me or by responding to emails about the clinic during the week. I will aim to get through as many questions as I can in an hour long clinic.

If you are running the 'on demand' course and require 1:1 time by Zoom you can book a 1:1 consultancy hour here.

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