Artist Website Design Audit

artist website design audit

Do you have an artist website but need it to work harder for you? Would you like me to show you how to sell art through your website better? Try my Artist Website Design Audit service.

Let me look at your artist website with fresh eyes. I will analyse what is working well and what needs attention. I will identify simple mistakes you are making that are costing you visitors and sales and show you how to put them right. 

My Artist Website Design Audit Promise

“In this audit I will take you from a place of uncertainty where you are wondering why people are not visiting or purchasing in sufficient numbers from your artist website. I will highlight missing functionality and typical design flaws. I will explain why customers find it harder to purchase from you online than they do in person. I will take you to a place where you can understand how to overcome many of the obstacles.

I will show you how to bring more visitors through small changes and how to convert more of those visitors to customers. I will show you how to put measurements in place that will help you understand your progress and focus your attention better on what you need to work on. Let me show you how to sell art on your artist website better – often much better!”


“Like so many artists and designer makers, this year has made me have to look at operating my business in a different way. I had a non e-commerce website and an Etsy shop that I had never used.

It was really important to establish a strong online presence. Starting to populate my shop I soon realised that it was not as easy as I first thought. There are lots of ‘hidden’ administration choices and costs that you are unaware of if you are unsure how to navigate and use the system.

Paul came highly recommended to me as an expert in the field of online marketing and website building and analysis.

After a couple of phone conversations and a remote tutorial he had answered all my queries and produced a detailed report which analyses all areas of my online shop. He set short term tasks that made a dramatic change in traffic to my site and some longer term objectives to ensure continued sales growth.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge he is approachable, patient and no question is to small, his attention to detail is finite. I would highly recommend working with Paul.

Jo Verity

Jo Verity Designs

Artist Website Metrics

art business sales performance

My audit review starts by collecting some important performance metrics or statistics about your website. Regardless of what system you built your website in these figures quickly tell me information about where we need to focus. This could be bringing in new visitors or it could be on improving the experience once they arrive or maybe both? I will identify figures you need to start tracking yourself and show you where you can find them.

Increasing Website Visitors

sell more art

Do you know how many times you need to show up in Google before somebody is likely to click? What makes them click? How do you show up for the right search terms in the appropriate places? It isn’t as easy as having a great looking website with great functionality if people simply don’t find it. Let me show you missed opportunities and how simply moving things around with some onpage and behind the scenes treaking can make big differences to visitor numbers.

Increasing Website Conversions Conversions

buy art on Etsy

First you need to increase the numbers of visitors to your website shop. Then you need to measure how many are converting to customers. But how do you measure that? What is the typical conversion rate for your industry? How do you improve it? How you you instill customer confidence? How do you increase perceive product quality remotely? Let me help you to answer these and many more questions and show you a few quick fixes to help.

Looking At Your Artist Website Competitors

research art business competition

You know you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel right? With the internet things are so transparent so it is easy to find your competitors and see what they are doing. Nobody wants to copy anybody but by looking at multiple competitors you will find common themes and techniques that you might be missing out on. But which competitors are doing well? Do you just think they are doing well? Are you looking at the wrong people? Let me help you to work through this.

Dig Deeper With Website Software Tools

art business Etsy shop tools

You will be amazed when I show you what information is available from 3rd party software tools. I will introduce you to free and affordable tools that I will use during the review that you can use afterwards. I will show you tools that show you things about your website and competitors websites as well as customer searches that will prove invaluable to you as you move forward!

Where To Next With Your Art Business

art business roadmap

Although I will show you how to improve what you are doing on your art website it should be part of a much bigger plan. In the final part of my review I will explain how your website links in with other key elements of your online business like your mailing list, social media and 3rd party selling platforms. I will touch on pros and cons of each element and how you can make everything work harder for you.

How Will Your Artist Website Design Audit Be Delivered?

Once you have placed your order I will notify you within 48 hours about when the review will take place. The audit will take place within 1-2 weeks of the order date. I will book a mutually convenient time to have a Zoom call with you to discuss your results. During the session I will share my computer screen with you. Prior to our session I will review your art website as detailed above and then present my findings to you in our Zoom session.

I will show you examples within your own art website as well as examples in other art websites. You will be presented with a number of improvements you can make to your art website along with metrics you should start measuring to track how effective your improvements are. Following our Zoom session I will complete a written report summarising everything we covered which will be emailed to you in PDF format.

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