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There are so many tools and artist resources out there to help you build a strong sustainable online art business, however, the choices can sometimes seem overwhelming which is why I have produced this resources guide to help you.

I hope you find it useful and if you think of any tools or artist resources that would be useful to add here please let me know. 

artist resources

Affiliate disclosure – please note that I am recommending all the artist resources links below either because I use them myself or because I rate them highly and think that they will be really useful for you. My recommendation is not based on any financial reward from recommending them to you.

Having said that some of the companies or products I recommend do run affiliate schemes so I would ask that you use any links I provide to access these. This will not cost you any more to use that product or service, however, if you use my link and then purchase I will receive a small reward from the company which helps me to finance the free content that I am able to provide on my website and helps to keep my art marketing courses fees and other paid services as affordable as possible.

I will always state where an affiliate link is involved with any of the tools or artist resources listed.

ISP / Website Host

If you do not already have an ISP for your website or have a WordPress website but need to move it to a better ISP I strongly urge you to consider Siteground. Siteground is my recommended ISP and where I currently host my own website. It comes with a great reputation, world class performance and support and provides premium services at an affordable price.

To find out more about Siteground please use this affiliate link.

Website Software

If you take my Simple Art Marketing Academy course you will know that I   advocate building a website using WordPress software. In 2023 WordPress is used in more than 800 million websites which is over 43% of the websites making it by far the most popular website development software in the world.

That said, there is a steeper learning curve over some other systems available but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks especially if you take my How To Make An Artist Website online course to learn how to use it. Oh and did I mention WordPress is free?

To find out more about WordPress software click here

WordPress for artist websites

WordPress Pagebuilder

Although WordPress is extremely powerful on its own it can have a bit of a learning curve particularly for the beginner. One way to speed things up, however, is using Themes where sets of website page templates have been created for you that you can customise.

Another thing that can help is to use a Page Builder that sits on top of WordPress software and helps you to build things quicker and with more striking effects. I use Divi for both of these and show you step by step how to build a WordPress website using this great tool in my Simple Art Marketing Academy course.

To find out more about Divi and receive 10% off your purchase please use this affiliate link.

Divi WordPress Theme

Email List Provider

An email list should be at the core of your online business and growing it and keeping it engaged is essential for your success. There are a number of email service providers to choose from but one of my favourite artist resources and the one I use is Mailchimp.

Mailchimp has been around since 2001, has over 20 million users, a wealth of powerful features and a free version for up to 2000 subscribers – probably the most generous free version out there! I have a whole module dedicated to mailing lists using Mailchimp in my Simple Art Marketing Academy course.

To find out more about Mailchimp and receive $30 in bill credits on your account please use this affiliate link.

Mailchimp art mailing list resource

Lifestyle Room Mockup Software

Impress your potential buyers with stunning in situ photos of your art. Amazing browser based software that allows you to upload your work, frame it then place it at scale in over 300 rooms. Not only that you then get to change colours and textures of walls and colours of objects in the room so no two images are the same and your work blends flawlessly with the room. I have used this software first hand helping on the beta team, creating room mockups for customers and now teaching it on my Simple Art Marketing Academy online course.

To use Canvy Room Mockups for 2 months FREE click this link. As this link for Simple Art Marketing provides access to the Pro version of Canvy with unlimited features rather than the public free version you will be required to enter credit card details. These will only be used to extend your license after the 2 months free and if you cancel before then you will not be charged anything.

Canvy resource for artists

Social Media Scheduling

As you will read in my social media blog posts there is a science to making social work for you. Something that makes it easier is to schedule your posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so that they go out at optimum times for maximum engagement and you can plan ahead, store sets of hashtags and dig into analytics. I currently us Later software for all of the above. Simple to use and great support and training.

Click here to find out more about Later Software and get an extra 10 posts per month on their free plan!

Rytr AI Writing Assistant

Writing good copy doesn’t come easy if you are like me and employing a good copy writer is often beyond your budget as a small business. Well here is something that might help in the form of the Rytr AI Writing Assistant. Just enter a few pointers such as a product or blog title, some bullet points and keywords that you want to include in your copy, what tone you want the copy to have then let the system generate it for you.

I was amazed by the results. There is a free version as well as a paid version starting from as little as $9 per month. Compare that to employing your own copy writer!

Click this affiliate link to find out more about Rytr AI Writing Assistant!

Rytr artist copy resource

Hawthorn Printmakers

For all things printmaking supplies. Hawthorn Printmakers specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of presses, rollers and inks. My printmaker partner Lucy Gell praises them highly and Kate and Michael have been lovely to work with whenever I have collaborated with them.

To find out more about Hawthorn Printmakers click here.

Hawthorn printmaker art tools

Jacksons Art

Jackson’s Art is one of the largest fine art suppliers in the world. They are passionate about fine art materials and stock a vast range, catering to the unique needs of every artist. They ship orders to tens of thousands of artists around the globe finding the best products, offering them at great prices, and delivering an exceptional quality of service. My printmaker partner Lucy Gell and many of my customers purchase regularly from Jacksons Art so they come highly recommended.

To order from Jackson’s Art and receive a 10% discount on your first online order use this affiliate link.


Framing can be expensive and sending framed work can too. Sometimes its easier to get customers to sort that themselves or use a local framer but if you need to do your own framing I can recommend ‘The Frame (Manchester) Ltd‘. Here you can buy lots of  made to measure and ready made frames. Great selection, 5 star service, very large customer base and some great software features so you can preview your frames with your artwork as well as have software work out what frames, mounts etc will work well with the colours in your artwork. Free delivery over £50 and next working day delivery on ready made frames.

To find out more about The Frame (Manchester) Ltd click here.

frames artist framing resource

Art Packaging

We use two companies here to purchase stationery and packaging supplies. The first is Priory Direct who have a great selection of supplies, lots of eco-friendly packaging and free next day delivery over £250.

To find out more about Priory Direct click here.

Priory Direct art packaging resource

Another packing company we regularly use here is DavPack. You can find many similar items to Priory Direct. Our experience has been that they can be slightly more expensive for some items but you only need to order £150 for free next day delivery so you might get that back on delivery. We also found that some of the telescopic boxes we use for larger pieces of artwork are easy to source from DavPack.

To find out more about DavPack click here.


Here in the UK Royal Mail is ideal for sending smaller items by post but why queue up at the post office when you can use Royal Mail’s click and drop service to print and pay for your own postage labels much more conveniently.

Click here to find out more about Royal Mail Click and Drop.

There are many couriers out there charging different prices for larger sizes and weights as well as destinations for parcels. I prefer to use a service such as Parcel 2 Go which compares leading couriers and allows you to choose the one most suited to that specific parcel requirements in a simple single interface. It also integrates with Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and Shopify.

To find out more about Parcel 2 Go click here.

I hope you find my list of artist resources useful. If you do and want to hear about more then please subscribe to my mailing list and I will keep you posted and send you a free PDF guide to help you grow your art following.

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