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art marketing tools and resources

Useful Tools and Resources For Marketing Your Art

Before discussing art marketing tools and resources think about how in any business you need tools and resources. Without these it would take you a lot longer to do what you, if you could do it at all. To do your job well you choose tools that are easy to use and achieve the outcomes required. You use tools that come from reputable suppliers. You use tools that work well, are well supported and are easy to upgrade when you outgrow them. They create an added level of professionalism to your work.

art tools and resources

If I asked you what tools you use to create your art, craft or photography I am sure you could list the best paints, inks, pens, clays, papers, canvas, cameras, lighting and so on. You have probably looked into these in great detail as you have perfected your craft. You have gone for fade resistant inks, archival paper, quality frames, the best resolution cameras and so on.

Marketing Tools and Resources Are Equally Important

In the same way you use the best tools and resources for your craft it is equally important that you use the best tools and resources for marketing your craft. Marketing is, after all, an extension of your craft. You will only be successful selling your craft online if you take the same care with how you present your craft to your customers throughout your marketing. This is not somewhere you should be taking shortcuts or going for inferior low cost products. That will always reflect on you.

marketing tools and resources

Which Tools and Resources Should You Use

There are many tools and resources available to help you market your art or craft online. I so often hear in my research that there has never been a better time to be an artist. I couldn’t agree more with that. Never before has it been so easy to succeed as an individual. Never before has it been as easy to reach your customers directly, all over the globe. Gone are the days when you could only succeed if you were represented by an agent or a gallery. This is achieved through some of the amazing marketing tools and resources that are now available.

tools to reach a global art market

There are, however, so many tools and resources. Some are great and some perhaps not so. Some are easy to use, some need a little more perseverance. The list can, however, be somewhat overwhelming. There are so many places you could host a website, for example. There are dozens of mailing list platforms. With so many social media platforms and new ones continuing to appear all the time how do you know where to start? There are tools for editing graphics, framing art work in lifestyle shots, tools for video editing and so much more.

My Tools and Resources Page

Throughout my Simple Art Marketing Academy course I recommend a number of tools that I regularly use myself or have experience of customers using. I have done extensive research in choosing these tools so that people on my course don’t have to they can simply get on with their online marketing. They don’t have to worry about having to find the right tool for the job in hand themselves.

For convenience I have listed many of these tools on my Artist Resources page. I have already blogged about many of the tools listed so far. There are still lots of tools and resources still to list and blog about so please come back to this page regularly. I will also update it as I find better tools for certain tasks.

If you cannot find tools or resources for a particular task you need on my resources page I would love to hear from you. I would also love to hear your own experiences about some of the tools you are using?

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