137 – Why Send A 2nd Art Business Christmas Newsletter?

Why Send A 2nd Art Business Christmas Newsletter?

art business Christmas newsletter

So you sent your 1st Christmas newsletter a few weeks back all being well. You have been rushed off your feet with Christmas orders like my partner Lucy Gell has hopefully so why send a 2nd art business Christmas Newsletter?

Well your Christmas last order dates are quickly approaching now and some may have already passed. People are extremely busy at this time of year. They may have made a mental note to order in time before your final last orders date. They might need another gentle reminder from you or they might not have seen your last email. If you don’t remind people you might miss the order. Customers might be disappointed that you cannot guarantee Christmas delivery on that product they wanted from you.

Even if your customer wasn’t planning an order from you, a gentle reminder that you are there is always a good way to get their attention. It might help them to order from you rather than from someone else that you can bet is reminding them that they are here still able to take Christmas orders and help them with their Christmas shopping list.

But Will People Unsubscribe?

But will people unsubscribe if you only sent a newsletter recently, perhaps within the last week or two even? If you don’t engage regularly with your mailing list, then yes there is a high chance of unsubscribes each time you send an email. This is NORMAL. You should not avoid sending emails in case people unsubscribe. You should engage regularly with your mailing list so that they expect to hear from your frequently. This is especially important at Christmas time when they will actually find your reminders very helpful.

Some people will unsubscribe but the people that do are often not the people that will be buying from you or you have not been actively nurturing your list so they are not really engaged with you. You shouldn’t worry about that . You should concentrate on actively growing your email list on an ongoing basis. If you need help with that checkout my FREE ‘20 Best Ways To Grow Your Art Following‘ PDF guide. Start to engage more with your list so that they expect to hear from you more often.

Aim to send an email AT LEAST EVERY MONTH to your mailing list. In addition send 3 around Christmas time. If you can find the time and create sufficiently engaging content you could send every couple of weeks or even more frequently throughout the year. Frequent and short is always better than infrequently and long! I send to my own customers every week to remind them about valuable content that they might find useful. This is a recent shift following lots of research but seems to be working really well.

What Should I Put In My 2nd Art Business Christmas Newsletter?

The first thing you should put in the newsletter very near the top is your last order dates. Make this crystal clear to customers so that there is no misunderstanding. Include it in the text but also as a sub heading or graphic in larger print to draw more attention. The same information should be available on your website. Put it on your homepage and also on key pages on the site where customers are likely to order from you. For consistency you could use the same graphic file on the website pages as well as your newsletter.

2nd Christmas newsletter

Next think about what you want people to buy. At this time of year you are probably running low on some product lines. Some lines will take longer to process. Certain lines might be seasonal such as Christmas cards and calendars for example. Mention the products that you want to push and use both text and images to attract attention to them. If you have a ‘Good To Go‘ section on your website where people can quickly identify items ready for immediate dispatch then point customers to that area. If not then consider creating one of these areas soon. They are really useful not just at Christmas but throughout the year.

2nd Christmas art email

Is This The Last One Before Christmas?

No this isn’t the last newsletter before Christmas. There should be another one next week AFTER you last order dates! I will do a further post about that then so watch this space for some last minute opportunities and check out my post 65 – Christmas Begins In August for other Christmas planning ideas.

How many Christmas mailings have you sent so far? Are you planning any more? I would love to hear what results you are getting?

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