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Paul Herschell

about Paul Herschell

I began working in IT in 1985 and completed a BSc in Applied Computing in 1989. In 1991 I started my business ‘Instinctive Systems’ which now trades as Simple Art Marketing. Initially I developed IT systems for corporate clients then in 1996 I developed my own computer software which has been used by dozens of small businesses.

Throughout my career my main focus has been to help customers streamline their processes using technology. I have created dramatic cost savings as well as helped them to grow.

I like to design things that are easy to use and liaise with clients in a way that they can understand. This has always been a strength and primary design aim. I like to cut through the overwhelming technical jargon – hence my initial business name ‘Instinctive Systems’.

Although I have worked with many organisations in many sectors I particularly like working with the smaller business. I like to work on a personal level where I can make big differences quickly.

Lucy Gell

about Lucy Gell

Since 2015 I have been heavily involved in the business of my printmaker and illustrator partner¬†Lucy Gell. Initially I designed a website, website shop, Etsy shop and mailing list for Lucy. Since then I have been highly influential in Lucy’s online social media marketing and stockist and workshop development.

Working with Lucy has allowed me to combine my own IT skills with a knowledge of the artist and maker creative world. As a result my services have been used by a number of creatives including artists, printmakers, photographers, jewellers, potters, leather crafters and more.

Lucy works closely with me sharing knowledge of the art world and often helping me with her art and design skills. She continues to be a guinea pig for all my new ideas!

Simple Art Marketing

about simple art marketing

I began to document my knowledge in this field in 2019 in a free art marketing advice blog. I have been working 1:1 with clients helping them to market their work online for several years now.

More recently I created my new online course ‘Simple Art Marketing Academy‘. Launched in May 2021 the course teaches all the skills necessary to start marketing online and create a strong online presence.

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